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You need to stay on your guard this week, Virgo.

By Jessica Adams
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For the last seven or eight years you've realised that if you want to be more effective - more powerful - then you must use your willpower to truly control what goes on overseas or far away. It could be in another suburb but in most cases, Taurus, this is going to be about a specific part of Europe, Australasia or the Americas. You are in a phase of your life now where you have to get real. If things seem to have become more intense in the last few weeks, it's not your imagination. Pluto, Saturn and now Mars are gathering speed. If you're going to get everything you want and need from your connection from other countries (or just different cultures and nationalities) then you're going to have to work for it. This becomes even more crucial to you very close to Thursday on the Mars-Pluto conjunction. You have achieved so much in the last few years, but you have not done it alone, and there is politics involved. You will come up against that politics as the week closes. It is very, very important that you remember you are an earth sign. Grounded. Down to earth. The atmosphere will feel highly charged and events could move very quickly. Take a deep breath, remember the last time this happened, and what to do.


Around October 19th 2016, you had a situation with your finances which taught you about timing. Even if you can't remember that time, the Mars-Pluto patterns towards the end of this week will put your money dealings at the top of your list. What is different about this cycle, however, is that Saturn is also alongside Mars and Pluto. This has never happened to you before. What you must do is be a total realist about what is required and roll up your sleeves. None of this is going to happen without a hell of a lot of self-discipline and hard work. You also need to make very sure of the balance of power between yourself and others, or even larger organisations. What comes out of this late part of April could be empowering and make you feel as if you are holding the reins again. You will have to pour a lot of effort into getting those reins, though, and hanging onto them. It may help to remember what has worked for you before. It will certainly help not to react in the heat of the moment. If ever there was a time to keep your own pace and pursue your own strategy, this is it.


There's nothing new about a power question, it's a matter of control affecting a partnership. Of course, this may be the same ex-partner, or potential partner, from two years ago. You've had Pluto and Mars cycles, on a recurring cycle for about eight years. This cycle is often about enemies, too. Rivals or opponents, usually in your career. What is very new, however, is Saturn alongside Mars and Pluto. Now, this is a story with a happy ending, Cancer. Jupiter, the planet of solutions, repair work, and opportunities will come along in 2020 and it will all make sense in the end! What you are going through this week is a tiny part of this change. Like all change, it should be handled at your pace, and nobody else's. So, no matter what goes down near Thursday, do not feel rushed or pushed. This is like a chess game with one other person where they try to race through a few moves. Just play this according to your own wisdom, gathered over time.


It has been a very long time since you could just ignore your body, as if you only existed from the neck up. Now, your body asks for more attention. The fact is, the whole way you work is tied to how you are, physically. You can't separate it from the realities of what you can (or cannot) do these days. We are confined by basic facts about our bodies and that dictates the kinds of work we take on, and how often and how much. Leo, this week brings you to one of those essential crossroads in your destiny where you have to make some choices. This has been a long time coming. Two years, in fact. Pluto and Mars are together in the no-nonsense, get-real, practical sign of Capricorn in an area of your horoscope that we associate with the tiny details of daily life, which add up to a very personal way of sleeping, eating, drinking and exercising. This whole question of work, tied to your actual physical state, will be extremely important from May 15th, when your basic role in life - your direction - is in a brand-new spotlight. Then, you will see what it means to be liberated. It's going to have quite an impact on your everyday routine, so when your body talks to you this week - or others talk to you about your body - listen.



For the last seven or eight years, the whole question of your future aspirations has been an intense issue. It's affected everything from dating to relationships for obvious reasons. You have learned a lot about owning your power and understanding that only when you 'rule' in terms of love, do you actually operate at full strength. It's not enough to just have children or young people as a whole in your world. You have to accept the challenge, as you've discovered since 2008, and that challenge is to act like you mean it and set an example. Also, perhaps, to understand just how massively influential you are with lovers. As you move towards a Mars-Pluto conjunction at the end of the week, you need to look long and hard at this question about your control. If you have any feeling that others want to test their power and put you at the heart of it, then steer well clear. This is not about intimacy. It is about who and what is in charge. It's about how human beings need to dominate and take over. You know exactly who and what I am talking about. Use your self-control to get control and avoid those who would try to control you.


Let's look at exactly what has been going on with your family or home life since 2008. You're about halfway through this cycle which has taught you that to be powerful in this world, you need to really 'own' your home in every sense of the word. This is about your home turf. That's perfectly fine, but every now and then, life becomes intense and you have to make decisions about how it's all going to work. If you want to hang onto the controls, and have even more of the reins in your hand, then there is a task ahead. Part of this is about timing. Mars in pluto Pluto will time a situation, at the end of this week, that will make you feel as if everything is being pushed harder or faster. Try not to respond in the heat of the moment. You have your own sense of timing. You need to thoughtfully and calmly develop a strategy which is going to work. The bottom line is, be sensitive to any possibility that others could take over. You've been down that road once before, remember? Do everything within your power to make that impossible. It might be greedy friends or a difficult housemate. Or parent. But - you know what to do!


This week is about your communication. Your ruler, Pluto, is conjunct with Mars. This happened about two years ago so it's not new. But each time the pattern repeats, you are given a chance to remember 'what happened back then' and do better. Essentially, if you give up control of communication and throw your hands up in the air, you won't help yourself. In fact, you need to share control. Take some and give some. It's the same with being heard and read. I am sure you are well aware that there are those who seek to take, and take over, even just one debate or one platform! You've been there, done that. You have since found other ways to be heard. That's great. And it's been empowering. But there is further to go. If there was ever a time to do the research about your social life (online and offline) - and also follow through with some iron-willed promise to yourself - this is it. You need to update yourself on how people view you these days. It's not what you might have assumed, and it could help you.


This week, things come to a head with your finances and money. This helps you realise how much you have learned since 2008 - repeatedly. The fact is, unless you draw heavily on your own willpower and self-control, it is all too easy to feel that you are no longer running this show. It may feel as if he, she, they or 'it' is the director. So, even though it's tough, you have to remember that you've done this before and you can do it again. It also pays to slow down and cool down. Others (or the world itself) may rush and push, towards the end of the week, but that does not mean you have to play the same game. If anything, you should be thinking long-term here, as Jupiter (your ruler) will be in this same zone of your chart as late as 2020 so what goes down this week is really part of a much longer situation.



Mars and Pluto are in your zodiac sign towards the end of the week, which impacts the part of your chart responsible for your appearance. Your ruler Saturn is also in this same house of your chart so it's a bigger deal than usual. And of course, you are on the road to 'the new you', which is a slow but steady process, evolving through 2019 and ending in 2020. Just a couple of days can feel like such a major concern, given its importance in the long-term scheme of things. But you have been here before Capricorn, and this experience is nothing new. It may help to step back from yourself and review yourself the way others do. This is how you move forward. I am sure that things feel tight, perhaps overheated - maybe heavier than usual. That is pretty normal for the journey you are having, but what will come out of this is a new commitment to yourself. You'll be able to run this.


You may need more time and space to yourself leading up to this weekend, Aquarius. You will be dealing with a side of yourself, or your life, which is very hard to share with other people. That's probably the understatement of the year. You can't just confide or confess, unless you are absolutely sure. It is pretty common on this cycle to have 'classified' stamped on your concerns. It is just as common to be confused - to be swimming in two directions - and in a fair bit of denial about both of them. Now that both Mars and Pluto are approaching a conjunction, there is a moment of truth approaching and you have a decision to make. How are you going to deal? One crucial factor is your own approach. 'Let you be the boss of you' is a good approach. Actually, having a conversation with yourself, about yourself, is the beginning. Take your time.


What unfolds this week, particularly as you go towards the weekend, reminds you that you can't really make it in this world until you master the art of networking, dealing with groups and giving a circle or community of people what it needs. This business of 'feeding' or supplying the group is very important, particularly when a friend is involved. If you have learned anything since 2008, it is that you won't get very far, unless you accept the challenge of treating everyone as a hive. Honouring the hive mind and respecting these friends and acquaintances as part of a holistic group is very wise. I am sure the Mars-Pluto conjunction later this week will dent the atmosphere, because the pace will pick up, the atmosphere will heat up and that old issue of control will arise again. You've hit this before, many times since 2008. Friends or groups tend to trigger it; there are always questions about your own empowerment, the balance of power, power-tripping and the rest! Just look to the common goal or shared vision. The communal outcome. That will really help.


If there is one thing you have learned about your career since 2008, it is the value of patience. You really don't get to the top by rushing and pushing. In fact, it's liable to fail as a tactic. Just by holding on, hanging on and keeping your gaze firmly at the absolute peak, you have managed to gain more and more control. In fact, you should now be able to respect your own power and understand, at a deep level, the only way to retain it and increase it, is to continue to climb. The careful, steady, slow and cautious climb to the top is composed of two things: Staying where you are - and also knowing when to use who and what is there, to help you go even higher. Believe it or not, by 2023 this will no longer be a part of your life. This week, it all comes into sharp focus for you, as your ruling planet Mars conjuncts Pluto in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. This is going to change the pace and turn up the heat. There may be a push and rush for power, near Thursday 26th April, by your boss or client.