Your horoscope for 4-10 June 2018 just dropped

Here's everything you need to know for the week ahead.

By Jessica Adams
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The Gemini weather this week swirls around your horoscope, approaching your own Gemini Sun, emphasising your reputation and image. This may be quite literally because you have something to say, or put into words, and when you send a message out there, you also show part of yourself - the messenger. This week there is something else going on, though. You are being seen, not in terms of who you really are, but in terms of who you appear to be. This is really like looking at yourself in a mirror and seeing how other people are reflecting you, back to yourself. This can only happen, once a year (near the time of your birthday) and, just as the bday messages you receive show you how others think of you, this week is rather like a giant card with a message and rating, from the world at large.


The tide now turns in your horoscope, Cancer, sending you back behind the scenes or undercover. This is Gemini season, and while you'll firmly in the spotlight in July, as you go into June, you will be more concerned with matters which are private or even downright mysterious. I am sure you know how important the asteroids are in prediction. Well, this week you have two of them - Bacchus and Apollo - both moving through an area of your astrological chart where you disappear from view. What you tell yourself, or tell others, very close to Wednesday 6th June, will affect the month as a whole. The Twelfth House of your horoscope is an interesting place. This is where we find these crucial asteroids, representing the 'sub' in your life. A subway is far below the streets and often, people never guess it is there. Your sub-life counts!


Every Leo Queen needs a court. This week is a reminder that King Arthur had the Knights of the Round Table. You are now in a position to enjoy your ruler the Sun, lighting up the chandelier over the assorted friends, acquaintances and others in your group. The conversation is important, because it will define the nature of those friendships, and the way this community works for some time to come. One of the most crucial question-and-answer sessions of the year will appear midweek. You should also be pleased to know that the asteroid Bacchus is now at large in your chart. A feast may be in store, or at least a seriously good gathering. This is rather like realising that people politics can sometimes produce a perfect party.


Virgo, you are best-known as the worker of the zodiac, bound to your sense of duty and service. Sometimes you hit a cycle when work or study becomes so much more. This is it. The next seven days is about your own ambition and success. The Sun in Gemini will single you out for attention, recognition of your achievements and your place in the grand scheme of things. When your own ruling planet Mercury joins the Sun midweek, you will be involved in one of the year's most important discussions. A signature may be required then, or a crucial question-and-answer session. Your own definition of 'successful' matters more than anything else. Maybe you just want to have a good time, all the time. In any case with Bacchus also in this area of your chart, you may in fact feel as if big things are coming your way.


Libra, it looks as though a distant part of your country - or the world - is calling you. In the Southern Hemisphere it is time for the ski season, but also winter weekend breaks. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is time for a summer holiday. Beyond this, Libra, you may have a particular plan or project which involves travelling or exploring. What develops in June may seem to have an end date, but actually, it could bring something far more substantial and important in 2019. That year, you will be happily on top of the most amazing breakthroughs with your career and personal ambitions. What takes place this week, which you'll no doubt be enjoying to the full, has an indirect bearing on that. For now, though, enjoy this trip or head trip. This literal or symbolic journey. At heart, it's what you learn that matters most.


Scorpio, your finances and home situation is now up for inspection. Others are curious as the spotlight swings, and so the time has come to ask yourself what you have to show for the last 12 months. An important piece of news or a significant answer will reach you between Tuesday and Thursday. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is winging his way to you with the numbers. You could kick back and simply enjoy what is on offer. A present from the universe, is a present from the universe! There is certainly something or someone to follow through this stage. 2019 will bring rare chances to save or make a small fortune, or at the very least, ditch a problem. This week has a connection with that, even if by this time next year you realise it was indirect. Everything counts in large amounts.


Sagittarius, drop everything to concentrate on your former, current or potential partner. You may also need to focus on your great rival, arch enemy or opponent. This person is Dr. John Watson and you are Sherlock. Or - you are Sherlock and this is Moriarty. You will find that the news or text close to Wednesday changes a great deal in your life. You may want to whip out your magnifying glass, or play the violin to yourself, as you piece the jigsaw together. This is an emerging puzzle about two people who are on opposite ends of a situation. You can, and should, be equal even though you are very different. Equality and the balance are what matters most now. Just knowing that other people are also weighing you two up, will help you step back from this and view it objectively.


Capricorn, The focus now is on your duty and service to others, but also your duty to yourself. More specifically, we're talking about your physical mental state. This, in turn, influences the sort of job you deliver, the hours you keep and even your holidays. Are you halfway up the corporate ladder? A stellium in your Sixth House suggests it is time to look at the 24 hours in your day and reconsider the 8 hours for sleep, work and relaxation. Your body has a claim to quite a few of those hours. This week's astrological weather does not come along all that often. This is your best shot all year at figuring out roles, projects, shores and tasks - from walking the dog to your customers.


This week we find Bacchus, Apollo, the Sun and Mercury passing through your Fifth House. The Fifth House of your horoscope is where you deal with your younger sibling or friends. The Fifth House is about the activities that bind you to a younger generation. You will now get priceless feedback and reaction from others, regarding the above, so that you can make objective choices. An important piece of news, discussion or letter will appear now and you may want to make a list of questions. There is a lot to enjoy here. Bacchus is about the good life. There is also someone or something vital to take your lead from.


Pisces, we now come to some Gemini weather in your horoscope, which is very much about the relationship you have with members of the family. You can expect a milestone discussion or piece of news this week and there will be more than one discussion to follow. The social dynamics involved may be very interesting for others, and this helps you see your household from another perspective. You only get one chance like this, every year, to make the decisions that will help you to repeat a successful formula with these people. It will be 12 months before you see the Sun pass this way again, illuminating what matters. There are also wider questions here about your country and perhaps your home town. Your actual house or apartment may also be in your sights. You have a lot to think about and gain from.


Your big plan or idea will certainly reflect the people who are inspiring you this week. You may be dependent on your communication and phone or computer for this project. With the Sun, Mercury, Bacchus and Apollo all in Gemini, you will enjoy all your connections. There may be a short journey involved, or more commuting than usual. Otherwise, the travel will all be done online. This is the kind of week when you could snap up a contract or get a promotion. In other cases the outcome is less dramatic, but it will make a dazzling difference to your efforts to reach people, persuade them, or just engage and inform them. You are in a terrific position to take what matters most to you and push it out there. People need to know, and handpicking your words will make a difference.


Taurus, there is a huge emphasis on your finances this week. In fact, when the Sun conjuncts Mercury on Wednesday, the numbers will be under inspection by others and you will learn a lot about what does (or does not) work for you. In 2019 you will be given the chance to resolve long-standing issues with a long-standing financial commitment. In fact, that cycle begins as early as November. This week may seem remote from that situation, but it has its part to play, as there is clearly someone or something to follow and be guided by. Perhaps imitation is a sincere form of flattery. You are about to find out, as when it comes to dollars, it may be time to find a role model, or role models plural, and figure out a formula.

Source: Jessica Adams
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide.