How to survive Mars retrograde without ruining your life

You got this. 👊

By Erin Cook

Three or four times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde — and every. single. time, it sends the world a bit mad. Why the craziness? Well, that's what Mercury retrograde does — it disrupts communication and makes you feel a bit wobbly — but let's be real, it's not that bad. We all survived, didn't we?

Now, we don't mean to freak you out, but Mercury isn't the only planet that can go into retrograde. They all can. Matter of fact, Mars retrograde is happening right now.

Before we get into this Mars retrograde business, let's all take a few deep breaths. Keep calm and carry on, etc.

When is Mars retrograde 2018?

From June 26 until August 27, Mars will be in retrograde. This a fairly rare occurrence; Mars only goes into retrograde once every two years.

How will Mars retrograde affect me?

As Hello Giggles points out, if there was an alpha planet, Mars would be it. Mars represents the God of War and rules Aries; it is passionate, assertive, impulsive and always right.

When it's cruising along as per usual (i.e. not in retrograde), Mars thrives off action. It likes to charge forward. However, when it's in retrograde, that energy is brought to a sudden halt.

As a result of Mars being off-kilter, your confidence might take a hit. Without Mars' usually strong energy, you might lose motivation and question your own abilities. You'll probably feel a bit sluggish and impatient as everything around you slows down.

Not only that, your sex drive could take a hit.

How to survive Mars retrograde

During this time, it's easy to get frustrated at the slow pace, especially if you're someone who likes to get shit done. Often this frustration can manifest as aggression and conflict.

What's a girl to do? Instead of turning into a mega bitch, try embracing the pace. "Rather than being aggressive, be quick to step down and show compassion," astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst tells Refinery 29. From now until August 27, take some time to relax, review, and reorganise, Dewhirst says.