Your weekly horoscope for August 20 – 26 is here

Leo, you really need to sort out your finances.

By Jessica Adams


We are entering Virgo season and that means there is a spotlight on everything that has been confusing you. With you Aries, there is so much below the surface. Rather than let the situation become even murkier, now might be the time to think about some clarification.

The real story is around your lifestyle, body and workload. This Virgo weather is about dealing with your duties to yourself and others. Never has the link between your mind and your body been so close. If a body issue prevents you from performing a particular task or work, that's a dead giveaway, is it not? More positively, you will be in touch with experts, professionals and gifted amateurs in the food, drink, fitness, medical and healing department shortly. The Full Moon on Sunday 26th August is your big pointer to that.


Over the next few weeks, your mind will focus on a friendship that has no boundaries — it could be someone within a wider circle or group. This may be because of your friend's personality — he or she might be the kind of person who is all over the place. Perhaps, it is the porous nature of the club, Twitter account, team or other community. It's leaky and this can make life feel quite random and rather hard to control. In actual fact, this is like building walls or rebuilding them – and nothing more complex than that. You've been in similar situations before, but it takes late August to September to wake you up.



Your ruler Mercury is steadily moving towards Virgo — the sign that rules your tenant, your house, your property investment and the rest. Naturally, the family or household is paramount too. A lot of Geminis are born with factors in Cancer in their personal birth charts; if this is you, there is more to August and September than meets the eye. You will see why from November when the past (from around 19 years ago) comes back to meet you, in the present!

The week ahead is bound to set you on course for fresh choices about moving, renovating, community activism, larger questions about your nationality or citizenship – and of course, the family. The Full Moon is unlikely to be a walk in the park but that's fine. You need to sort things out so that you can head for a brand-new start in September.

Finally, this new cycle should also bring clarity in your career, unpaid work or university degree. You need to contain and control your workload. Boundaries, gurl!


You are ruled by the moon, as you know, so the moon's cycles are far more important for you than other people. On Sunday, the Moon in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo. This is a time of reckoning for your life – it could affect your presence on the internet, travel agenda, education, academic priorities or publishing plans.

The Moon is opposite the Sun so you will be dealing with polar opposites too. This may be an inner conflict you have or it could be conflict with someone else. Normally this would be just a passing thing but as you also have Ceres in Virgo, you clearly need to share the controls with your project. This will take time which is perfectly fine. All you really need to know is that September sees a relaunch of your plans to travel. Near Sunday 9th September you take off, in every sense of the word.


It's that time of year again when your finances, house, business, charity, apartment or possessions must come first. You may as well roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Your ruler the Sun is opposite the Moon on Sunday and this tug-of-war may be reflected in mixed feelings about your bank, the tax man or your salary. There will be a new beginning and potentially a new budget from September 9 when the Sun again lines up with the Moon. September as a whole should be set aside for meetings, paperwork and organisation. The issue for you is boundaries. You are involved in quite confused and confusing financial, property, charity or business arrangements with partners, family members or others where the lines are blurred. You may as well get your head down now, Leo, and start carefully and systematically figuring out what needs to be done, when and how.


The Sun enters Virgo on August 23 and matters of image, profile, name, reputation and appearances now come to the fore. It has been 12 months since you were in this cycle with yourself and your social life taking centre stage. Mixed feelings and inner conflict are typical. From this, comes a determination to sort out the way you appear to the world at large. This will take you a good couple of weeks to sort out. By the time your ruler, Mercury, changes signs on 6th September, the hard work has mostly been done and you can relaunch yourself.

The more important issue is the confused and confusing relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. This weekend, into next week, is likely to make it far more obvious to you than is usually the case. As we have a chain of Virgo-Pisces oppositions into September, it would appear that the time has come to try and find a way to reinstate boundaries, or put them in for the first time.


Over the next three weeks, you will have your best chance in 12 months to sort out your daily routine, workload and lifestyle. Since Neptune changed signs in 2011, you have been all at sea with the most basic aspects of daily routine— i.e. breakfast, housework, colleagues, lunch, exercise and sleep. Neptune has a reputation in astrology for showing alternate facts. It can be rather confusing to deal with over a long period. Now is the time to work out your daily schedule and routine. Allow three weeks to work it out.


Now is time to rethink things with your son, daughter, godchild, niece or nephew (if you have one). By the second week of September, you will be on a role as you assert boundaries. Over the past few years, life has become confusing and/or chaotic. This full moon is about seeing what needs to be done and why. From there will come progress, with some really important discussions and agreements?

Scorpio, the issue for you may be a pregnancy, adoption or a sexual relationship which may ultimately offer you quite a different involvement with the world of children or young people. Some of you may also have crucial paid or unpaid work which revolves around a younger generation. In all cases, you have to see why things have drifted, or slipped out of your hands and try to pull it all together again.



Sagittarius, you are happy to go with the flow concerning a situation with a family member, flatmate, house, apartment or home town. In fact, Sagittarius, you have drifted with the tides all year. You have had had issues with boundaries. A relative may have no sense of boundaries, or a flatmate or live-in partner may have been crossing the line constantly. At a certain point, you have to notice what has been going on. More than that, you have to do something about it. This is really what the next three to four weeks will be about. Unless you nip something in the bud, it's not going to go away of its own accord.


We now have an important new cycle beginning, across the Virgo-Pisces axis of your horoscope, which rules your use of the internet, multimedia, publishing, education and all forms of communication. The Full Moon on Sunday is likely to bring in complex questions about foreign places too. If that is the case for you, take your time to figure out the pros and cons and know that there will be a fresh start around Sunday 9th September.

Capricorn, you need to look at how you get your message across. This may be about your iPhone, blog, social media use, Skype, or even fundamental issues like speech, hearing, literacy. You have been living with Neptune in your Third House of communication since 2011 and it's easy to drift into a situation where you're in over your head.


You have been in a bubble with your money, house, flat, possessions, charity and/or business for quite a long time. The bubble changes shape every so often, but it is essentially the same thing. For seven years, you've been floating in a totally different space to everyone else. There is nothing ordinary, regular, mundane or 'real' about your financial reality. To return to the bubble analogy, sometimes they burst or come very close to bursting. You need to address this bubble that you're in, between now and September. There will be a sequence of lunar cycles and planetary patterns, right across the Virgo-Pisces axis of your horoscope, which is where you add up the dollars, pounds or euros and figure things out.


The Sun enters Virgo, your opposite sign, on Thursday August 23, ushering in a period of scrutiny for your marriage, work partnership or sexual relationship. This is the most important period in 12 months for reshaping the situation with your former or potential partner, too. Occasionally there may be issues about baggage, at this time of year — i.e. your partner's old partner. Sometimes a rival springs up so there is a love triangle. Pisces, it all depends on what you have been creating with this man or woman since the last cycle, in September 2017. You need to remix the chemistry at the Full Moon on Sunday 23rd September. The Sun represents father, in astrology, and the Moon represents mother. On a Full Moon they are opposite each other, which is symbolic of the difference between men and women, but perhaps – if your personal birth chart agrees, and you have factors in Cancer – a larger hint about what needs to be sorted out from November. Pisces, whatever your birth horoscope looks like, this week is really about the need to deal with what/who does not add up for you, emotionally. You can then make a fresh start on September 9. There is a lot of sifting, sorting, chopping and changing with this person to be done.