Your horoscope for 6-12 August 2018 just dropped

This week's partial eclipse will be hella shady.

By Jessica Adams
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The Leo weather of July and August is all about your reputation, profile, appearance, image and self-promotion. Plus, on Monday 6th August, the North Node conjuncts Cupido in Leo. These 'me' issues must seem so familiar to you, Leo, and in fact you have been here before, many times. None of this is who you really are. It's how you project, and how you are seen or known, at a distance.

Why is everything, particularly involving the internet, multimedia or correspondence, so stuck where you are concerned? You'll see more of this on Thursday 9th August when the Sun, your ruler, lines up with Mercury Retrograde. This is the planet of communication, information, transportation and negotiation and if you're attempting anything bearing your name, you may hit technical issues.

As if that wasn't enough, we have a Partial Solar Eclipse on the New Moon in Leo on Saturday 11th August. Leave well alone. An eclipse conceals, it never reveals. As you saw recently with the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, we're all left in the dark when it happens. This one is partial, so you will mostly be in the dark about matters of branding, self-promotion, title, name or even questions about cosmetic surgery!

I don't think you'll find too many professional full-time astrologers, who've been in the game as long as I have, recommending that you go out and sell yourself this week. It's a good week to rehearse things, mentally, or make notes and sketches. You can pull everything together later when Mercury is out of shadow, from 3rd September. If you do have anything bearing your name or image crossing your desk, or your computer, double-check.


The Leo weather is passing through your house of privacy, secrecy and mystery. Nobody can see or know what goes on below the surface this week. This may be a confidential project, classified information or something more intensely personal. We associate the Twelfth House with 'beating a retreat' and with disappearance or hibernation. You can also be present, but strangely not present, with this cycle.

Depending on your personal chart, this may involve children or pregnancy, and be tied to your past, around 20 years ago. It's worth pointing out that your ruler Mercury is retrograde in this same area of your horoscope where everything is hidden in the depths of your personality and your life. This will stall, change or even reverse what you are thinking about, or planning, near Thursday 9th August, as Mercury conjuncts the Sun.

We also have a partial solar eclipse and New Moon on Saturday 11th August in this rather confused and confusing area of yourself and your life. Things are hidden anyway. Unfathomable. Now, we have more lowered visibility and lack of clarity! An eclipse conceals it never reveals. On a lower key, this eclipse is really about that side of you which we might describe as your unconscious mind, or your soul, or your spirit. That part of your which dreams – your dreaming mind. For this reason, any vivid dreams this week may be worth writing down as it's your higher self, or your unconscious, talking to you. This zone of your chart is also associated with hypnosis and anesthetic. And large amounts of drugs or alcohol!

In general, if you pursue and push what is hidden, concealed, down below or buried this week, it will be hard work, it may come unstuck and may just be a bit too vulnerable for the eclipse strangeness happening. The occult is ruled by the Twelfth House in your chart and any occult activity now could be adversely affected by the eclipse, because you will quite literally be left in the dark when you are pursuing it. The same goes for hacking and hackers.


The current Leo weather is now ruling circles of people in pursuit of a common goal. Less formally, this weather is also about your friends and the social media you use, or old-fashioned friendships which go back many years and predate the internet. The Leo weather is most certainly about social media and its current problems may have a knock-on effect on the way your community of friends, contacts and acquaintances actually functions for you.

The Leo weather is also about the friend who makes you a godparent, and the group which you belong to, as a result of being a parent, depending on your age. It is also very much about any team, club, society, association or other circle which has an impact on the world of children for you.

Whatever your personal birth chart is saying, this week will be misleading and also rather muddling for friends and groups. Have Plan B and C and don't believe what you see on eclipse day — Saturday 11th August. What appears to be a new beginning, or a new friend, or entry into a new community is skewed by missing information or cover-up jobs. Be aware that you are not aware. Eclipses do what it says on the can. They blot things out. They leave you in the shade or in the dark.

Mercury is also busily retrograding in the same house of your chart — the Eleventh House of people power and group situations — so given that the communication, information, negotiation, travel or transportation is going back and forth, you may want to choose quite another week for big plans. Make your mind up later if you can. If you and your friend/the group do have to swing into action, be aware of Mercury's reputation for creating stuff-ups with telephones, computers, microphones and the post. Have a few back-up plans if the activity is really important.


This is the time of year when you reap the rewards if you have been pouring effort into your career, volunteer work or education. The slow and steady building process must seem never ending to you, but these things take time. It is also the right week to pay far more attention to your C.V. and your profile with your employers, future employers, competitors, clients and so on. You may not have really thrown yourself into this in 2018 as you have had so many other distractions, but even a day or two spent focusing on this will pay off.

You may need to throw a little more money or time at an issue so you have exactly what you need. Resources is the magic word, but you also need to invest in success. If there is anything you need to do to ensure that September turns out just as you wish, remember that you may go to and fro this week, and in fact, until the opening days of next month. There may be hitches or reversals, replays or 'rewind' situations as Mercury backtracks. This is okay. It's a work in progress or a dress rehearsal and the real moment of truth will be next month anyway.

One last thing — we have yet another eclipse up ahead. An eclipse is a time of cover-ups and missing information. People hide the facts, or the facts are staring you in the face and for whatever reason, you don't see them. This partial solar eclipse on Saturday 11th August can be really misleading in career terms, or where your volunteer work or education is concerned. For that reason, this Friday to Sunday is probably best treated as a situation where you don't know everything and can't see everything. If you glimpse a job advertisement in the newspaper, for example, you may want to wait until something comes to light about the company, later.

In general, Scorpio, this entire period of eclipses has been tied into the North Node in Leo cycle, and that is essentially about career karma. In many ways, this has been out of your hands. It ends in November. You will have paid all your dues by then, from this and other lifetimes, but you will also be in receipt of any reward that you truly earned, even years ago. The circle will close and you can move on.



And so, we come to another eclipse in the Leo series which has been affecting your plans to travel, deal with foreign people or places, emigrate, study, teach or engaging thoroughly with social media, since last year. This goes on until January 2019. You may want to suspend judgement until you're past the weekend, at least, as this partial eclipse unfolds on Saturday.

Eclipses can be benign. They only cause real problems when the rest of your chart suggests that you need to close the circle with karma from around 20 years ago, and perhaps more recently, depending on your personal chart. You will do this in November. In any case, with Mercury Retrograde now also in full swing, you'd be best advised not to imagine this is final in any way. Sometimes the issue is education, or even publishing, as the Ninth House of your chart which is ruled by Leo, is about all these matters.

I'm sure you'll immediately know what I'm talking about. From 3rd September, you do in fact get to wrap this up. The longer game is really about these eclipses, though, and there will always be a mystery here. It could still be mysterious even 50 years from now! For that reason, don't judge or assume. You probably will never know the whole truth even if some of it emerges later.


Mercury is the god of commerce, so what happens when Mercury is retrograde and appearing to go backwards? So does your money, purchase, sale, charity, possessions, house, apartment, investments and the rest. This period may also concern the world of children, lovers or young people if you have a lot of Leo in your personal birth chart. In all other cases, it is others who are having their own delays or flux, who then affect your life!

You need to be mindful of paperwork, the post, e-mails, your telephone, the fine print and so on. I can't think of too many astrologers who would tell you to go plunging into some huge transaction or deal now. Why would you also do that when there is the blind spot or half-known information of an eclipse? We have one this weekend. It can work very nicely for you, so take it for what it is — a week of not knowing. If this is part of some epic business or property picture which was peaking around July and August 2017, I doubt very much you'll get to the end until January 2019.


This week is about your former, current or potential partner — the other person on the opposite end of the scales from you. The Seventh House is always about the effort to find balance, justice, fairness, gender equality, equilibrium and symmetry.

With Mercury — the planet ruling communication — going backwards, you have next to no chance of getting a final outcome until you go back to some correspondence that occurred in July and realise that the end of the story was always going to be September! Yet, from early September, you can at least find out where you both stand. This is karmic in nature — it goes back 20 years if you were around each other that long, or in can relate to past lives, in terms of debts or credits.

Essentially, Mercury (which is retrograde) and an eclipse (which presents a blindspot) suggest you may want to suspend judgement. Is this a good week to join Tinder? Nope. Is this a good week to get married or move in with someone? Not really. But if it does happen for you, it's definitely not the end of the world, just assume you can't see the whole picture of a situation in the midst of this partial eclipse. You also assume that the story is going to change. How much and to what end, really depends on the chart of your former, current or potential partner. In general, if someone new turns up and they look like a potential lover, hold off pursuing them until September.


This week's Leo eclipse is joined by Mercury Retrograde in Leo. It's not disastrous, it's just tricky and what you are pursuing may change, get held up, or come to nothing. That kind of thing can really rain on your parade, depending on your personal chart. If your career involves children or teenagers, for example, it may be a bigger deal.

In general, this is not a week to judge or act too dramatically, as communication is not all it should be and there may be technical problems. Mercury retrograde is notorious for this, and affects communication and the reliability or truth of big statements. All this happens in your Sixth House of workload and daily routine, Pisces, so just be aware. This is also where we find your doctor, drugs, food, fitness, drink, healer, surgeon and the rest.
If you think back about 20 years, you may find that your current work or body issue this week may owe something to that, if we are talking about 2018 as a whole. This is because the Node (karma) goes backwards in 20 years cycles, so we're talking around 2000. In November, whatever you might call unfinished business from that time period will return for ultimate closure.

So, Pisces, this week is a lot more than it first appears! Aside from the usual advice not to do anything too major regarding work or health during this eclipse/Mercury cycle, it would appear that even if you are stalling or in flux, it's for a higher purpose. And that purpose is tucked away in a past life, or 20 years ago, and will reach final closure for you in November.



This week is really about your godchildren, your own children, younger relatives or youth as a whole. Pregnancy (whether wanted or unplanned), sexual relationships of all kinds — from the fleeting to the long-lived — and your connection with the world of younger people is the story. Your own chart will show what is personally relevant to you, based on your time, place and date of birth.

Aries, this is the time to assume nothing and judge later. The eclipse this week lowers visibility. Mercury — which deals with fact — also appears to be moving backwards. All in all, even though you can see wheels turning all over the place, assume the wheels are not moving in their final direction — and they won't until after September 3rd. You are actually being bought time to think more deeply about what you want, and also where you have come to, in terms of all that you have achieved over the last few years — you have to put these things in perspective.

The eclipse is worth noting, as it is part of this sequence. It may not be until 2019 that you realise the full extent of what was covered up, or what was staring you in the face that you were blind to at the time. History and astrology prove, again and again, that eclipses coincide with periods when we are left in the dark. This is another one of them, which is why so many astrologers down the ages advise you to sit an eclipse out. Friday to Sunday is really the time to avoid drawing too many dramatic conclusions.


It takes sharp wits to look at your house, family, apartment, home town, homeland or household and see what has been going on. There is nothing really ominous about this, it's just that although some could see how things have been panning out in 2017 and 2018, you have been quite unaware. Really think about the last few years and all that it has meant to others, as well as yourself, and the penny will finally drop.

A new episode this year, which only really started to come together in July, is part of the overall story. You have been duped, possibly in the nicest possible way, or at least pulled into something which has been carried on without your total understanding or knowledge. Others have had an agenda, to be sure.

Here we are in yet another Leo eclipse — with Mercury Retrograde to boot — so this is not really the week to try and make any big moves. For a start, things tend to stall or even reverse on this cycle. An eclipse is also exactly what you would expect — it leaves you in the dark. What would normally be seen so brightly and clearly is overshadowed.

Taurus, there is a karmic line of debt or credit which needs to be accounted for with a relative, and you will resolve this by November. Until then, you are most certainly spinning your wheels, yet once this matter is resolved, the circle closes and you can also close the book on a chapter. This may specifically concern the family as a whole, or a question about the house, land, apartment, property investment — or even wider issues, like your city or country.


We now have a partial eclipse in an area of your chart which rules social media, publishing and all kinds of communication. We also have your ruler, Mercury in retrograde in this same zone of your chart. Ask yourself if you would go full steam ahead with a website, book, press conference, speech, important meeting, new computer, new phone and so on, if you didn't have full vision.

That's essentially what we have this week! This is a very good time to wait and see, to mentally rehearse, to make rough sketches, or to put out a first or second draft. In contrast, it's not so terrific for nailing outcomes.

Gemini, your talents when it comes to words, ideas or images is never in doubt — you are the signalling station of astrology. What you are dealing with, though, is really odd astrological weather. Have Plan B, C and D for everything to do with communication this week. Friday through to Sunday is the time to be particularly wary, as this the time when the eclipse will conceal.


You are ruled by the Moon, as you probably know. Unusual lunar patterns, like eclipses, affect you more. We have had a chain of these in the horoscope zones which rule your rent, debts, investments, income, business, charity and possessions in recent times.

When we talk about 'pulling the wool over our eyes' we are talking about an eclipse. Imagine dealing with financial issues with that kind of partial vision! The sky doesn't fall when an eclipse occurs, but you will not see what you need to see. The facts or figures may be staring you in the face but you'll be blind to them.

The other scenario is that the truth is being held back from you, for whatever reason — but this could be a good thing. However, you do need to be a tiny bit cynical on a week like this, because Mercury (ruler or facts and figures) is also retrograde. Be smart about this. There have been clues and signs all the time. Did you ignore a nagging thought? Go back to it.