Your horoscope for 23-29 July 2018 just dropped

This week’s eclipse will leave a whole lot hidden!

By Jessica Adams
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Leo, be cautious about the relaunch you now have in motion when it comes to your brand or profile. You are going to get a blind spot from Thursday to Saturday about 'Me', and you won't be able to recognise what you deserve, as well as what you truly need to see and know! This is all to do with your appearance, name, title or reputation.

Mercury is also stalling you and reversing plans regarding your rebirth or renaissance this July to August — be aware. You will be focussed on your public profile now. You'll be picking up lots of different facts, figures and soundbites as you tackle the issue of how you are seen and ask lots of questions. This is great, aside from the flaky, shaky weather you're experiencing right now.

Try to treat 'Me' as a process not a final outcome, and aim for September to finalise this journey. Treat July and August as a dress rehearsal. This applies to cosmetic surgery or business stationery. An eponymous blog or a Linked In relaunch. In other words, anything to do with your surface, rather than your substance. Magazines, newspapers, television, radio and Google will play an important part in the way you manage typical First House issues like your presentation or packaging. Yet, if ever there was a time to postpone 'Me' issues, it's now. At the very least, have a plan B, C, D.


With this Leo weather, nobody would be at all surprised if you were chasing life undercover, behind the scenes or down below. This may be a secret plan, or an extremely sensitive, confidential issue. It could be anything from a cosmetic surgery procedure, to an affair with a married man. This rather delicate, hush-hush matter is now interrupted by your ruler Mercury going full retrograde, as well as an eclipse. Complicated!

This cycle can also bring a period of hibernation, as you remove yourself from the outside world and turn your attention to your inner world instead. Again, it's complicated. Private issues like dreams, mediumship, tarot, astrology, psychology, hypnosis, psychiatry and so on may also be big on the radar now. Your ruler, Mercury, is standing still, running backwards and triggering delays, reversals, retractions, cancellations and diary changes. This runs through early September until the shadow is over. It would definitely be handy to have a plan B.

The eclipse is the biggest deal of all at the end of the week. This is a cover-up or an obliterated piece of knowledge. It concerns what is beneath the surface, invisible, unseen or mysterious. This is not the time to act or judge.


For you, the current Leo weather means friendships and group involvements of all kinds go to the top of your list. This may be your, community group, band, sports team or Twitter circle. If only Mercury was behaving himself the plans and discussions would reach conclusion in a few weeks, but instead you must hang on until the early days of September to see one circular situation come to a close.

We also have an eclipse on Friday 27th July (and the adjacent days, around the world) which is a terribly important period in which cover-ups, missing information, blacked-out sentences, blind spots and the rest are happening. This very much involves your friend or the group I have been talking about, so avoid judging or acting across that time frame.

We also have the North Node in the same zone of your chart at the moment, so there is a fair bit of karma rotating either from the recent past or past lives. All in all, the feeling we get from friends and groups of all kinds now is circular, repetitive, stuck and not really about moving forward. You'll do that either with a clean sheet from September, or with a lot of deletions and insertions from this point forward.


Any changes which take place in your career now won't seem like changes at all. The shape of the events unfolding will be familiar to you from the last few months or years — or you may have seen it all before in a past life. You have the North Node in Leo in your zone of success, status, ambition, position and mission. This is a symbol of karma — familiar replays and repeats you'd probably rather skip.

This week you also have Mercury going around in circles, so there is a real sense of things happening seeming like a broken record. Is it negative or positive? Neither. It's just karmic, Scorpio. You have debts to pay or rewards to collect, based on what you did in the last life. It may not be until early September that one circular situation in particular has resolved itself, so be aware of the potential for delays, reversals and all 're' words.

You will find yourself reviewing, rescheduling and rethinking one particular goal or role. Do be aware of that dramatic total eclipse at the end of the week. If you can make a decision about your career, part time job, volunteer work or education at any time, then make it later. Why? An eclipse conceals, it never reveals.



This rather repetitive, stuck, unusual week is all about the places, people or promises you seek in order to find meaning. These may not necessarily have any connection to your own culture, education or background. Travelling to other countries or making connections with people from different nationalities or belief systems to your own might be the key to a new spiritual, academic or general life awakening for you.

Essentially this week, with its circular Mercury and mystifying eclipse, is about being on the path when it comes to travel, and travel in the mind — but also right off the path! This is why you're going to see a lot of astrologers telling you to insure your trips, or to have Plan B if foreigners are visiting you. Extreme weather, unusual situations, strike action or any other Mercury trick could see a lot of rescheduling now. This also applies to workshops, seminars, university applications/courses and the rest as the Ninth House of your chart rules education and academia. Publishing, needless to say, is hugely affected and it may not be until early September that you see one never-ending situation finally conclude.

Be aware of the eclipse at the end of the week if you intend to travel, move, emigrate, organise plans with foreign people, study, teach, publish or write in any large-scale way. An eclipse conceals, it never reveals. It's a black-out of the information you need, so if you can act or judge at any time at all, why choose now?


We have a lot of 're' actions in your financial horoscope now. I'm talking rescheduling, rethinking, reviewing, repetition or even a total reversal by September when this cycle finally ends.

This week is particularly important as not only is Mercury Retrograde, you also have an Eclipse here. Assume you cannot see the full picture, or know the full story, as you approach the weekend. I can't think of too many astrologers who would tell you go to off and buy a property at auction, or strike a deal, or reach a settlement, or open a bank account. Eclipses conceal, they cover up and they block things out. You really don't need that now with your precious possessions, budget and the rest.

Thanks to both the Node and Mercury in Leo now, you'll go around and around with the same financial, property and business issues. In fact, you may feel as if you're hitting the repeat button, as there is a strong sense of 'seen it all before' with cash, houses, flats, paperwork or your precious possessions now. Past life debts and credits also turn up now. If you are indebted to someone (or a group of people) from a previous incarnation, that issue will now be on your agenda again – which might explain why you feel such a strong sense of Deja vu.


Let's look at marriages, de facto partnerships or committed relationships first this week. Although, for some of you, the issue will relate to a professional partnership, or even a conflict. Over and over again, you'll meet the same relationship or feud scenario. This can make you a seasoned expert on the way you and your partner — or enemy — operate together. The North Node's gift to you now is astonishing intuition, and a kind of effortless inner 'knowing' about your relationship with this person, or the chemistry that's taking place in the laboratory of life.

If you are single, you also need to bear this in mind. There will be days when you look at the love jungle from a distance and feel as if you've seen every animal in the zoo, or read every story in The Jungle Book. Maybe you are now ready for a different book, Aquarius. There will also be days when you feel so much strange past-life knowledge about a new date that you wonder why either of you need to go through all this again!

Single or attached, the above applies to your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, former partner, and to any potential dates. What I'm picking up from your chart this week is cycles — recurring, repetitive cycles. Mercury is retrograde, so you will be repeating yourself, or rescheduling, or rethinking until September. What is the point of it? To buy you time, and time to think and feel very deeply so you are absolutely out of the karma zone by November.

We have an eclipse this week. It takes place in the closing days of July, and you need to be aware that this is not the time to judge, nor act, about this person who is dominating your life. An eclipse is never the time.


There really nothing 'routine' about your usual daily routine this week, Pisces, even if this late part of July is about your body, health, food, drugs, fitness, sleep, doctor, and even your workload.

If you have a part-time or full-time job, this cycle will help you see your working life as a rather circular affair, by delivering the same people and situations in an endless loop. We also have Mercury Retrograde now, so the sense of familiarity and 'been there, done that, written the screenplay' you have about your current job may well be down to past life experience.

This week is very much about your physical state and physical condition, and the way this powerfully affects how you operate on a day-to-day basis with tasks, chores, work, and so on. We also have an eclipse towards the end the week which is a real black-out in terms of knowledge or insight. Be sharply aware of that as you may want to judge or act later — perhaps around Friday — if you do happen to be dealing with a major body question, or a work issue.

On this cycle, you can steadily get to the point where you can be a detached observer about work, housework, duties, your service to others and so on. This unusual Nodal point in your horoscope also brings us people, challenges and experiences from other lifetimes into play, which is why this week may seem oddly familiar. Same faces or different faces; it's the same story. Again, where your body is concerned, there may be a feeling of 'been there, done that, seen it all before', and that is also what this week is about. Expect loops upon loops until early September, when at last things start to move.



This week is about the younger faces you must guide, lead and set an example for in your life. This may be your godson or daughter. The children or young adults you work with, or volunteer for. At the very core level of the cycle, this is about sex and its aftermath, in terms of pregnancy. And for some of you, this week is about fertility. Most commonly, the Leo weather now is just about your children, godchildren or young relatives.

The story you thought you knew a few weeks ago will now go backwards. From Thursday, it will become clear that nothing was ever fixed, firm or final either with arrangements involving your offspring, or with larger-scale plans involving young people as a whole. Do not consider any changes at a child's school or university to be final — this is a work in motion. There is karma at work here on the weekend. This has happened before, symbolically, and it may have been months or even many years ago. The Total Lunar Eclipse means the period from Thursday to Saturday is not time to act nor judge as you will not see clearly. There may even be a cover-up.

Aries, if ever there was a time to treat July to November as a period of provisional plan-making, rehearsal and acceptance of cyclical conditions, this is it. Nothing is green-lit here. If anything, the repetitions we are seeing with Mercury and the Node suggest you would be much better off having a plan B and C if it involves a lover or child, or the world of younger people. Keep your plans flexible and just assume you don't see, or can't know, near Friday during that dramatic eclipse in Leo.


Taurus, this week is about your extended family, and your household. It is also about your home, your residences, your property investments and your sense of belonging to your town or country. This is a very tricky week and you need to navigate carefully, especially if you are just about to start renovations, want to sell or buy a home, or intend on major discussions with your council about the local area.

This is obviously also quite a demanding and complicated time for family decisions. Does this mean you hide under the bed? Of course not. You get on with your life, but you use astrology to help you. First of all, Mercury Retrograde is here. You are now on track to be not on track! I am sure that you read my caution dates many months ago and decided to forget about Early July to Early September for the removal van, the new tenant and so on. There were easier times for property or family!

Taurus, do not commence any new home improvements, tenant or flatmate choices and property agreements unless you are absolutely prepared to deal with a chance, a delay or even a reversal by September. This also applies to family news — take it with a pinch of salt. We have an eclipse on Friday, which is quite the cover-up, so you need to allow Thursday to Saturday as times to suspend judgement or action plans.


This is 'dress rehearsal' Leo weather. The Sun in Leo will act like a huge, swinging torch at this time, passing over your ability to deliver a message. You'll either be congratulated or reminded how you've been getting it wrong. Your way with words and images, or ideas and messages, is in the spotlight now. It's time to be admired if things are going well with your memo, speech, website, blog, statement, essay, academic paper, letter, meeting, postcard, song lyric or screenplay. And if not? Take a course, brush up your language skills, clean up your handwriting, upgrade your computer, update your web knowledge, ask advice or learn how to connect.

You will have another chance to shine around this time next year. But in this final week of July, people will be reading, listening and watching with greater focus. Never assume you can just 'get by' with an important speech or assignment now — your audience will typically be much more attentive than usual.

Gemini, I need to give you some dates regarding the book, blog, website, project or concept you're working on. On Thursday 26th July, Mercury Stations Retrograde and as he is your ruler. This 'station' is going to prove what I have been telling you for months — that July would be a dress rehearsal! Cancellations, extreme weather, flawed technology, flaky people or realising what more you could contribute to your second or third attempt to be heard and read. Assume you do not know, or cannot see on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as on Friday 27th July, we have a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. Act or judge another time.


Not only do we have an eclipse, Mercury Retrograde is also at a standstill in the financial, property and business zone of your horoscope. This is also where we find charity and precious possessions. Assume you have a blind spot from Thursday to Saturday and remember you won't see and don't know. An eclipse will always mean concealed information or lack of clarity. A black-out of information! Even if you don't get to the signatures or handshakes stage, there will still be plenty of question-and-answer sessions, and a reasonable amount of research in terms of the money, the house, the flat, the possessions or the business rewards.

This will also concern your value system, as much as anything else — it's about what you will, and won't, sell out for. This is a good time to watch, wait and take mental notes on your next purchase, deal, sale or transaction. Mercury, the planet of information and communication, is now going backwards in your Solar Sign Second House of cash flow, shopping, banking, profits, losses, debts and credits. The chances are high that your best-laid plans may also go backwards. How do you use this cycle? You review. You rethink. You rewrite. You also have Plan B, C and D.