The 4 star signs most affected by the winter solstice

Feeling all over the place this week? The solstice might be to blame.

By Natasha Harding
winter solstice 2018

In case you missed it, the winter solstice is fast approaching and it's a pretty big deal for your star sign. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, let's start at the beginning and explain WTF the winter solstice actually is so we can better understand how it's gonna impact you.

The winter solstice is the name given to the shortest day of the year. In Australia, it falls smack-bang in the middle of the year at 8:07pm on June 21, 2018 AEST, when the sun is furthest away from the southern hemisphere.

In astrology, any solstice (winter or summer) or equinox (spring or autumn) coincides with one of the four 'cardinal star signs'. Cardinal star signs are the first full zodiac sign of the new season and they carry a certain kind of astrological energy. For example, winter starts in June (mid-way through the Gemini zodiac), but Cancer is the first new sign of the season, making Cancer the cardinal sign. This winter solstice is then called 'Cancer season'. Got it?

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For the Cancer season (AKA the winter solstice), it comes as no surprise that cancers are the most heavily impacted, followed by the three other cardinal signs: Libra, Capricorn and Aries.

Note: That's not to say they're the only signs to experience changes. On the contrary, the winter solstice brings everyone time fro reflection, moving on and new beginnings. More specifically, every sign will experience a slight Cancer influence, meaning you might find you're a little moodier than normal, sentimental and also a tad nostalgic.

But back to the cardinal signs.


First up, it's your birthday month, so the winter solstice is totally your jam. This month, that project you've been busting your ass for will pay off and people will start to see how hard you've worked. You're humble, but now it's time to receive the recognition you deserve. Embrace it. After all, it's not every day people sing your praises.

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You likely feel overwhelmed with stress right now, particularly in relation to your job. In fact, you've come thiiiiiis close to a breakdown recently, but that's totally okay. Asking for help from your loved ones is a sign of strength. Besides, you always try to fix your friend's problems, let them give do it for you this time.

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This week will feel like you're going into emotional overdrive because you will start feeling things a lot deeper than normal. You're normally quite a logical, pragmatic type, so this will feel quite unusual but trust us when we say this is a good thing. Plus, while you're super in sync with your emotions, chances are you're going to have a certain love interest come your way...

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The winter solstice is going to be an incredibly calm and relaxing for you. You're going to have time to sit back and ponder on what's really important to you and start to make plans to reach your bigger goals. Whether it's a new job opportunity, or a bucket list holiday destination, you'll be afforded a certain kind of clarity on the matter. Zen away, my friend.

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