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Jupiter Retrograde is happening and boy, are we in for one HELLUVA week.

By Jessica Adams
This week's horoscope May 29th


Gemini, there is a lot to be said for taking on the role of guide, mentor or even teacher (more formally) with someone from a younger generation. This may be younger in-laws, or youth as a whole. Even though you are obviously having tests and trials with your partner at the moment, something else is happening which more than compensates. This is a time of tremendous growth, opportunity, problem-solving and expansion with this younger generation and the trick is to keep trying. You will be encouraged two or three times this week, and although it will not be until next week that things really start moving, you are in a fantastic position to make so much more of these younger faces.


Everyone has heard of Mercury Retrograde, to the point where it has become a Kate Spade greeting card, a Pinterest and Twitter meme. The classic rule with this cycle is to put 're' in front of most words and proceed. Mercury Retrograde is a time to reschedule, rehearse, review and rethink. Not so many people have heard of Jupiter Retrograde, which is obvious in your horoscope this week. The principle is the same. Yet, Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, just as Mercury is the planet of communication. So - what you are now experiencing within your home is a reboot of an opportunity. It is a useful chance to go over old ground, or make a second attempt, or reach for the same thing one more time. A typical example would be a household reshuffle with new and old flatmates coming and going. Another typical example might be selling your apartment or leasing a house, or pursuing Air BnB possibilities. Jupiter will change direction next week. Time to start reaching again, proactively, for what is possible.


Leo, from next week, one or more promising projects will take off and by October, you could be looking at major success. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and problem-solving and this planet is now in your Third House, which rules your appearance and reputation. This is a year to connect and communicate in bigger and better ways, and although you have seen stop-start progress since last year, you are rapidly approaching a big green light. From there, you must take all the effort you have put in since last year; all the support you have found and use it to drive change. A typical example would be embarking on a public speaking tour. Another example might be an extended period of writing. This week will turn things around for you, perhaps two or three times, as you approach the weekend.


Virgo, from next week (for a period of about five months) you must pull out all the stops, and make or save money. You only have one Jupiter cycle of opportunity and problem-solving, every 12 years. This one has been stop-start, with the most tremendous optimism last year, followed by another episode of high energy and great promise - and now it all seems to come back to hope. This sense of potential remains, despite the fact that you feel you have gone back and forth since last September. The message from your chart is to keep the faith and keep trying. In fact, unless you prepare the ground, nothing can grow as it should. Next week, Jupiter turns direct and you will at last be in a position to welcome new growth, no matter if your priority is your finances. The background situation remains erratic, unpredictable and yet also rather exciting - never a dull moment!


It may be letters after your name, a special role, a sensational haircut or some other image-booster, but since he changed signs last year, Jupiter has thrown you a couple of big improvements. Jupiter in Libra, your own zodiac sign, is in the First House of your chart. This is where you push forward, rather like the lead singer in a band. None of this comes easily to you unless you, yet you know an opportunity when you see one, and you have had three or four, since 2016. This is a cycle for wardrobe maintenance, serious accessories, an impressive title and a potent reputation. Jupiter has been moving backwards and forwards, which is why you have seen such erratic progress with all this - yet next week, it will be non-stop, until your birthday. Nothing can grow unless you prepare the ground, so if you have not already set up your options, it's not too late to do that. One will land on your lap.


Scorpio, the Twelfth House of your horoscope is ruled by Neptune and associated with Pisces, and we link it to the subconscious mind. It is the most mysterious and hard to understand of the 12 horoscope houses, and other people - especially those close to you - may have no idea how important this submerged world of yours has become, since last year. In fact, ever since Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, improvement and problem-solving entered this zone of your chart, you have prospered through your mysterious habits. You may have been seeing a therapist. You may have been working undercover or guarding secrets. Sometimes this cycle is associated with a role behind the scenes, with no credit or recognition. This tells you all you need to know about the importance of your soul, spirit, unconscious self and the rest. Never mind who you are on the outside, it is who you are on the inside, which benefits from this cycle. Aim for something special and keep going - Jupiter always delivers one way or another.


Sagittarius, you only get one Jupiter cycle every 12 years like this. Jupiter is your ruler and he is also passing through your Eleventh House of friendship, people power, community and groups. Jupiter describes the big picture and nationwide and global possibilities. His natural home is the worldwide web, which is playing its own special part in expanding your social life, and enriching the groups you belong to. Since last year you have been thrown unexpected opportunities, one of which has stuck and one which fell by the wayside. You have also been coaxing along one very big goal, and looking at another. Your cup runneth over. Yet - now is the time to make priorities, because there are only so many hours in the day, and this cycle stops in October. Given that you can go much further within a group, but also use a group to help you get what you want - how can you set the scene? You have also overlooked a valuable friend because the timing was wrong. This friend is still there and he/she has the key to a door you want to open.


Capricorn, Jupiter is the great protector and problem-solver of astrology and he is about to move forward in your career sector. This is also where you study, volunteer or engage in other roles that define you. So it is not strictly about professional life, although it is about your ambition. This is not mere work or routine. It is about hanging onto the top of the mountain, or striving to get there. Nothing has been smooth or easy since last year as Jupiter has been stopping and starting his journey across your chart. Now, things are heating up again so you must pay attention to the stunning solution or opportunity which crosses your radar this week. It really is a time of right place, right time, right people around you. Something or someone has already come up once, twice, three times - rather like flowers popping out of a field. This is a ripe meadow for you to enjoy but it needs nurturing and tending. Life gardening can be rewarding, Capricorn, and you have until October to turn this into something special.


Aquarius, you are right to keep the faith about an upcoming self-discovery activity. This is the cycle which disappoints, as well as the cycle which gives us open doors. Why? Because you had such high hopes for travel (or travel in the mind) last September and then had to put up with a downward spike on the graph. Then the graph went up again and it looked like you were winning. Then you flatlined again! This is all a reflection of Jupiter's rather frustrating journey through your chart, but it is also true that you are sitting on the mother of all solutions and opportunities. Correction. Two opportunities. No, hang on, three opportunities! Given that Jupiter is about to turn forwards in your chart next week, do all you can this week to prepare the situation. In fact, you'll be thrown more offers, favours, options and the rest in the second half of this week and that will help you say a firm 'Yes' to what emerges in June.


Pisces, the Second House of your chart describes your own finances - and any living situation associated with your finances. This house of your chart has been crossed by Uranus for many years and as this is the planet which rules upheaval, radical change and outright revolution - nothing has been fixed or stable. This has proved immensely difficult, because holding onto particular assets, properties, places or possessions gives them a firm, fixed value - yet how can you hang on tightly when the world keeps turning upside-down every year? Now, you are at last in a position to gain from the rather unpredictable nature of your finances, business interests, property or charity situation. Jupiter is the planet of grand, sweeping solutions and undeniable opportunities for gain and growth. He is about to change direction next week, ending a frustrating period when nothing really developed as it should have done.


Jupiter in Libra has given you a varied menu with your former, current or potential partners since last year. You have been given an opportunity which wasn't quite right - so it's gone - but you have also been thrown a genuinely lucky break, if you think about it. Even the lucky break isn't the big story, though, as your chart reveals one or two really huge options involving this important man (or woman) in your life. Jupiter is retrograde, or appearing to move backwards, so it may feel as if your life is all potential and no delivery. This doesn't mean you should stop trying; far from it. In fact, near Wednesday and Saturday you will find reasons to be cheerful. Jupiter is about growth. Sometimes the growth is sporadic, yet ultimately, it is also true that if you keep on nurturing the person, and the situation, rewards come. Aries, the only other thing to say about your chart is that if you are not pursuing something oh-so-promising with a potential, current or former partner - then you are probably in a battle. That battle with an enemy or rival is strangely beneficial for you, so again, you must keep the faith. A classic example of this cycle is a contest against a weak opponent who helps you gain a stronger foothold.


The time has come to narrow down your choices, organise your life and put your head down, between now and 10th October. You obviously have a wealth of career options. It really depends on how you create the eight hours a day (from your 24 hours a day) to your advantage. Jupiter is transiting your Sixth House, which describes the duty and service you deliver for others. Even though nothing has yet begun to deliver, the potential is vast and as you only have this cycle every 12 years, you will kick yourself if you pass up various solutions or opportunities which are now in front of you. The phrase 'right time, right place, right people' sums it up, and this is the right week to cherish and 'feed' what you know. Jupiter has been spinning his wheels, yet from 9th June, there is no stopping this cycle, which can make an awful lot happen very quickly. If you prepare the ground, when the time is right, rapid growth can happen. And rapid growth can happily change your working life.

Source: Jessica Adams.
Jessica Adams is the author of 2020 Astrology - Your Five Year Horoscope Guide