Every single '00s movie girls were obsessed with as teenagers

Cue the nostalgia.

Ah, the 2000s — the decade that blessed us all with some of the greatest teen flicks of all time. Sure, the '80s gave us Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club, and the '90s introduced us to Clueless and 10 Things I hate About You — however, we always find ourselves re-watching classic teen movies from the '00s.

From wishing we were cheerleaders in Bring It On, or busting out the moves to every High School Musical song (you weren't a die-hard fan if you didn't know the dance to "We're All In This Together"), '00s movies are a touch cringe-worthy, but in a good way!

So, next time you're scrolling through Netflix for half an hour trying to decide on what movie to watch for a night in, you could turn to one of these classic '00s movies — because let's be honest, you probably know the words off by heart anyway, right?

Here, 30 nostalgic teen movies from the '00s which are classics, and all-round ~magical~ pieces of film.

Bring It On

Bring It On gave us a glimpse in the life of a cheerleader. We often spent the whole movie wishing cheer leading was a sport at school, especially so we could wear those ~cute~ uniforms.

The Princess Diaries

A staple in every '00s girl's DVD collection — every girl wished they could become the Princess of Genovia after watching The Princess Diaries, even if it wasn't an actual country.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

No matter how many times Georgia Nicholson complained about her life, she ended up having a pretty good one. The best part about this movie though? It introduced us to Aaron Johnson, who is SUPER CUTE.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants made us all want to share a pair of jeans with our besties in the summer holidays, no matter how unrealistic it seemed.

Freaky Friday

Although we don't know how to feel about switching bodies with our mum's, this was probably one of the best movie remakes. There's nothing better than watching both Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis act as bratty teenagers.

A Walk to Remember

A Nicholas Sparks love story which is some-what over the top, but don't be fooled — it will 3000% bring you to tears.

Suddenly 30

Didn't we all wish we could grow up faster when we were younger? That's why it's so relatable; every 13-year-old would FREAK OUT in their 30-year-old body.

New York Minute

If you grew up in the '00s, you probably grew up watching the Olsen twins a lot on your TV screen, but New York Minute was by far the ultimate movie — who wouldn't want to chase their dreams in New York?

A Cinderella Story

Hilary Duff was everyone's idol back in the day. If you were a real fan, you would have had every single Lizzie McGuire box set, her albums, AND her movies at hand. So, when Hilary Duff starred in an adaptation of Cinderella, we all went nuts. We also got to stare at Chad Michael Murray for a solid 95 minutes.

Mean Girls

Probably one of the most talked about '00s movies till this day, you can NEVER watch Mean Girls too many times. It's been 13 years and we're still quoting it pretty much all the time, because it's just soooo fetch.

What A Girl Wants

When Amanda Bynes was the ~queen~ of teenage movies and travelled to London to find her British politician dad, 'cause why not? This movie never gets old. Ever.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods was all kinds of inspirational — her sense of style was on point 24/7, she had the most adorable dog, AND she kicked-ass at Harvard Law School just to prove a boy wrong. Who could forget the 'bend and snap' though?

Wild Child

Pretty much every girl we know wanted the life of Emma Roberts in Wild Child. It also made a posh boarding school look like loads of fun, with the help of the ultimate '00s eye-candy — Alex Pettyfer. There's also a totally epic makeover scene worth watching.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

The Lizzie McGuire Movie really was what dreams were made of. Don't we all wish we could travel to Italy and live a double life as a famous pop star? Um, yes.

Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham is a classic for everyone. You weren't alone when you thought the world was going to end becuase Jess had to choose between soccer and her sister's wedding. It all worked out in the end though, thankfully.

John Tucker Must Die

Watching John Tucker Must Die at a sleepover with your friends was a necessity. There was nothing better than watching girls from different groups come together to take down the ultimate player. GIRL POWER!

She’s the Man

One of Amanda Byne's best, even when she had a tampon stuck up her nose. This movie is absolutely hilarious AND we got to watch Channing Tatum being all hot 'n' stuff, no biggie.

High School Musical

I'm sure we're not the only ones who knew every single dance move to 'We're All In This Together', because if you didn't, we're you really a HSM fan? We're also pretty grateful for this movie, because it introduced us to Zac Efron.

Step up

This is probably one of the best dance movies of the '00s, and it's where Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum began their love story — still wishing that was you? Same.


Another dance film that made us want to enrol in some hip-hop classes. Of course, you can't forget that the main character was played by Jessica Alba, who was 22 years old at the time — feel old yet?


We all had major DREAMS about becoming a mermaid and Aquamarine gave us ~just~ that. This move had it all, romance, mermaids AND JoJo — what's not to love?

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

We were all pretty jealous of Linday Lohan in this movie, TBH. She was an over-dramatic teen who got to sneak away to New York to see her favourite bad in concert, AND she ended up meeting her all time crush.

Just My luck

Linsday Lohan has LOADS of luck in this movie, and then she meets Chris Pine who has no luck at all. They start dating, of course, and soon realise their luck switches every time they kiss. Realistic, no?

Miss Congeniality

Even though Sandra Bullock has won two Oscars, we're calling her performance in Miss Congeniality her best yet. She plays a badass FBI cop who enters a beauty pageant for work — it's definitely a classic.

Love Actually

Who hasn't watched Love Actually? Um, no one, because have you even lived if you haven't watched it? Although it's Christmas themed, we can't help ourselves and watch this all throughout the year. It just never gets old.

Save the Last Dance

Save the Last Dance was the first of all the great dance movies we were blessed with in the '00s. Believe it or not, there was a lot going on in this film and it actually shed light on some pretty important topics and dramas.

The Notebook

We thank Nicholas Sparks EVERY DAY for this amazing film. It's the ultimate love story AND it featured Ryan Gosling, which made it even better. This can be watched by everyone, which is why it was an even bigger winner in our books.

The Wedding Planner

Oh, J.Lo, who doesn't love her? After the debut of this movie she became the first ever artist to have a No. 1 film and album in the same week. She also falls in love with a young Matthew McConaughey.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

The absolute BEST movie ever!! Kate Hudson was so hilarious in this movie and played such an amazing stage-five clinger. She also has a pretty amazing voice — I mean, her, her rendition of 'You're so Vain' is definitely one to remember.

Cheaper by the dozen

You could only image the chaos within a family of 12 children. Starring Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutcher (who remembers the scene where they soaked his underwear in meat?) and Tom Welling — this movie was a recipe for success in our eyes, and it didn't fail to deliver.