10 things women do better than men

While we’ve got nothing against guys, it’s nice to know us there are (many) things us ladies can do way better!

women on top

In a world where men still earn more than women and where females are completely underrepresented on managerial boards, we would like to remind you that us ladies are still, as Beyonce would say, running the world. And we have studies to prove it…

#1 We’re great at acknowledging people

Men just aren’t quite as good at thanking people as us ladies are – sorry fellas! According to social psychologist Dr Dina McMillan women are more likely to recognise hard work and praise others: “Whenever you show gratitude we feel warm and loved. People are so much more likely to help you out if you show gratitude and women are great at this.” And a study by George Mason University published in Journal of Personality backs this up, it found that women are better at expressing gratitude.

#2 We’re smarter

Yep, despite not taking up as many board or leadership positions as men, women are actually more intelligent on average. And we’ve got proof. According to a study of IQ tests from around the globe published by James Flynn, a world-renowned expert in IQ testing, chicks score higher marks than men generally. Woo!

#3 We’re better leaders

Leadership development consultancy firm Zenger/Folkman conducted a survey of 72,680 leaders. They were judged on 360 evaluations, which also considered the opinions of those working for them, with them and their own bosses. At every level, women were rated as better overall managers, and not just by their evaluation grade, but in the opinion of their bosses and co-workers too. “The best leaders share traits that a lot of women possess. They have a lot consideration for people who work under them, they have their eyes on goal but never forget about the people they’re working with and they have a strong sense of honour,” says Dr Dina. You heard it here first!

#4 We’re more hygienic

We know, you probably already knew this little fact but hey, it’s still nice to hear it, right? A study by San Diego State University found in the US, men’s desks were messier and had 10-20 percent more bacteria on them. Gross! Asides from being clean, there is another reason why being hygienic is great: “When you walk into your house and it’s clean and tidy it you feel independent and capable of anything – women are onto this, living in filth sends bad signal to brain,” says Dr Dina.

#5 We’re hotter

You’re smokin’ and you know it – and science says so too. A study that followed more than 2,000 people over 40 years and found that attractive women had 16 percent more children than average-looking gals. Beautiful people were also 36 percent more likely to have a daughter as a first born. The result? Generations of females just keep passing their hot genes on.

#6 We’re more studious

Yes, women are more educated than men. According to the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development statistics more Australian women graduate from tertiary education than men. Go girls!

#7 We get sick less

Uh huh it’s not just in the education stakes that women are leaving men in our dust: we also have stronger immune systems. A study by McGill University found oestrogen helps girls fight off infections.

#8 We’re better at talking about feelings

No surprises here! A survey found women are more likely to talk and work through their problems, rather than men who are more likely to bottle things up. “Women are taught to multitask from a young age and to take responsibility for other people, this allows us to handle situations that are difficult with ease,” says Dr Dina.

#9 We live longer

We live longer. We have a higher life expectancy by five years and the majority of people over 100 years old are women.

#10 We’re better at fostering relationships

Yep, it’s true - women are better than men at cultivating great friendships. Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, being a good friend will win you a great support network that you can turn to for years to come. “Women are brought up to be cooperative, caring and sharing people, whereas boys are often brought up to be competitive which can prevent them from fostering good relationships,” says Dr Dina.