The ‘13 Reasons Why’ season 2 full-length trailer just dropped, and it seems we're in for a traumatic time…

Prepare yourself for another haunting dose of reality.

It's been almost an entire year since the first instalment of 13 Reasons Why, and where our obsession with this prolific, heartbreaking story began. But now the show is back for season two, and it's bringing a whole new load of trauma back into our lives.

We saw the teaser trailer for the second season when the return date was dropped (set to return to Netflix on May 18, FYI), and we were left with the sour message on a back of a polaroid picture of Hannah saying, "The tapes were just the beginning…"

Netflix have now dropped their new, full trailer for the second season, which means we get to see what they really mean by the tapes being just the beginning.

It seems that season two is bringing about eerie locker notes, creepy polaroid pictures and even more moments with Hannah — who now seems to be haunting Clay.

The most daunting moment in the trailer? When Clay turns over a poloroid left in his locker, and there's a message written on sticky tape, saying, "Hannah wasn't the only one."

Watch the full second season trailer for 13 Reason's Why, here:

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13 Reasons Why have also started compiling their own mental health resources at, where the cast of the show will be addressing issues in the show (such as bully, sexual assault and drug abuse) in a series of videos.