This #MeToo scene from ‘13 Reasons Why’ season 2 almost didn't make the cut

The show wanted to avoid a "parody."

By Peggy Truong

This post contains spoilers about 13 Reasons Why season two.

The season two finale of 13 Reasons Why has Bryce Walker on trial for raping Hannah and Jessica. Before Bryce's underwhelming sentence is revealed (three months probation), Jessica takes the stand to make a victim-impact statement. The first part of her statement is directly for Bryce and delivers it looking right at him. When she turns back to the judge, viewers see Hannah, who begins reading her own statement. What follows is a montage of other female characters from the show sharing their own stories of sexual assault. The group includes Nina, Courtney, Hannah's mom, Sheri, Clay's mum (who says a colleague "answered the door in his bathrobe"), Cyrus' sister Mack, and Jessica' mum.

In wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the montage's timing is intentional, but according to showrunner Brian Yorkey, the scene was almost left on the cutting room floor.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Yorkey says season two's storyline was laid out before the #MeToo movement took off. When it came time to finalise the last episode, he had doubts.

"So when we finally got to the producers' cut of [episode] 213, I actually took that sequence out because I felt like it would seem like we were parodying the #MeToo movement. What happened in real life was so much more powerful than anything we could do dramatically that I felt like I didn't want to seem to be piling on."

Still, there was what Yorkey calls "an outcry" from the show's executive producers and executives, most of whom are women, to keep the sequence. "They were right, and I'm really glad it's in there because it's such a cool moment."


Moving forward, Yorkey says he hopes the montage will serve as an inspiration to some of the show's younger viewers.

"Whether they've experienced something like this or not, it's a reminder that even the adult women in your life probably have had some sort of experience, and they will probably understand if you want to talk to them about what you've been through. You may think that they're strong and this has never happened to them, but it very likely has."

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SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US