17 things you'll only understand if you hate being late

No, no, no we don't have to be early, we just CANNOT BE LATE

By Dusty Baxter-Wright

  1. If we're not at our destination up to six minutes before the agreed meeting time, **we get a horrible anxiety in our stomach, a cross between a sinking and tightening feeling.

2. It's not about being early, we just CANNOT BE LATE. Which often leads to us being early, but so long as we're not late, we don't care.

  1. Although we are a bit haunted by all the time we've spent waiting **in corridors or outside coffee shops because we're hideously early out of fear of being late. THINK OF ALL THE PRODUCTIVE THINGS WE COULD HAVE DONE WITH THOSE MINUTES.

  1. Catching trains are the absolute worst, **because anything under 20 minutes early is unthinkable. Yes, yes, we know it sounds awful, but we just cannot deal with missing a train.

  1. We've often questioned whether our friendships with people who are always late are worth it, **because arranging a meeting time and waiting on them despite being very much on time is stressful.

  1. And when people say they're "running late," **we're pretty sure they were never on time in the first place — and if we'd known, we would have just been on time but later.

  1. There's nothing more satisfying than both you and the person you're meeting being exactly on time. *IT'S THE BEST.

  1. When people ask why you're always early for things, **there is no reason other than the fact you can't deal with being late. CANNOT DEAL.

  1. There's nothing worse than being on a bus or train that's being held at a red light **because there's absolutely nothing you can do to speed things up.

  1. You try really, really hard not to get wound up when you're getting ready to go somewhere with people, *but you're secretly watching the clock to make sure you're not too fashionably late.

  1. Your friends now know you're going to arrive at their house the exact minute you said you were going to **and not a second late. What? Nothing wrong with good time keeping.

  1. It's not about being early. **It's about not being late. There is a huge difference.

  1. There is nothing worse than turning up to a meeting sweaty, flustered, and out of breath **because you were late and the elevator wasn't working so you had to take 11 flights of stairs. Not that we know. HEH.

  1. Which means we're secretly very smug when people turn up like that to meetings we're in. **What? We've been waiting in a corridor for 12 minutes so nobody's the winner here.

  1. Even when you're really tired, you set 15 alarms so you're not late. **Being on time > sleep.

  1. You're used to being the first one at the party now **because "fashionably late" means 15 minutes to you and three hours to your friends.

  1. BUT IT'S FINE BECAUSE YOU'RE NEVER LATE **and being on time is great.