18 ways to have more money now

Same paycheck, fatter wallet!

  1. Planning is key. Only 30% of people bother to make a budget. Plan what you’re going to spend your money on and you can see where you have any spare. Either to pay off debts to whack into your savings, instead of spanking it on a new pair of shoes you don’t need without thinking.

  1. “It's a scientific fact that experiences bring you more happiness than stuff does,” explains finance author Alexa Von Tobel. “So seek out adventures that don't cost you anything: gratis concerts, museum free days, farmers' markets, or beach or trail hikes.”

  1. Ever thought of moving to a less expensive area? Yeah, #BondiLyf might be glamorous, but there are plenty of other gorgeous beaches you can live by while also saving serious pennies every month.

  1. One in 200 18 – 24 year olds in Australia admit to having to resort to payday lenders (aka loan sharks). Start putting some of your paycheck away every payday in case you’re hit with an unexpected big bill or expense.

  1. Do a quick energy audit. Are your lights off? Cords plugged into power strips so you can turn everything off with one switch? Plugged-in electronics suck energy even if they're not in use — costing an estimated $200 per year per household.

  1. Always transfer your credit card balance to a 0% balance transfer deal ASAP to avoid those nasty interest charges. There are heaps of comparison sites online to do the research for you.

  1. Going on holiday? Whack your room on AirBnB. Even if your roomies will still be there, you’ll be surprised how many people would share with a stranger just to get a cheaper deal. Chances are it could cover the cost of your trip! (Or at least your rent.)

  1. Splitting the rent with a roommate can be one of the best ways to save money — you'll also pay less for utilities if you share bills. If you’ve got a spare room – even renting it out short-term for a month or two will end up saving you hundreds of bucks.

  1. If you’re particularly struggling for cash one week/month/fortnight – tell yourself you’re making that period alcohol free. You’ll be amazed at how much you save when you’re not spending in bars – and it’ll do your body a whole load of good.

  1. There is definitely, 100%, a cheaper gym than yours. Just sayin’.

  1. Push back against rent increases. Remind your landlord about the dodgy shower and broken fixtures that need fixing.

  1. Carpool your journey to work and split the fuel costs. With one pal in the passenger seat you'll be paying half what you usually do - so round up a few more and watch the dollars pile up! It's as easy as sending an email around your office to find out who lives in your area.

  1. Shopping with a large trolley can make you spend 37% more than when you use a small basket. It's our subconscious urge to fill it up.

  1. Speaking of shopping, write a list and stick to it. Impulse buys are never needed and will just rack up your costs. You could even make a list of things you don’t need – because your collection of 20 skirts is definitely enough, so avoid them on your next outing to General Pants.

  1. Steer clear of small trips to the local shop to stock up – a big weekly one will save you bundles. This will also save on your fuel costs!

  1. Before buying anything — online or in a store — do a quick Google search for deals and discounts (shipping fees are for suckers). And if there's a hot, exxy item you want online, buy it at midnight Sunday, when most stores launch sales.

  1. “Interest compounds daily, so paying credit-card bills twice a month reduces what you owe,” says Alexa. “Whether or not you carry a balance – but try not to carry a balance!”

  1. “Paid off credit card debt, have at least six months to live on in an emergency fund, and are saving for retirement? It's time to invest!” advises Alexa. “Whether it's $100 a year or $100 a month, investing a small amount compounds over time. I like exchange-traded funds.”This article is brought to you by All-New Mazda2.