24 signs that Pretty Little Liars has taken over your life

You Absentmindedly put cApital As in the middle of your sentences.

  1. You follow IRL Ezra, Toby and Caleb on Instagram. And you’ve got at least two years deep in all of their feeds.

  1. When you first started watching you were horrified that a teacher would be dating a student and kinda wanted Ezra to get arrested. But you quickly got over that. Ezria 4eva!

  1. You start seeing As everywhere.

  1. You jump every time you get a text message

  1. Keegan Allen's (lack of) acting skills don’t even bother you anymore.

  1. Neither do the copious plot holes.

  1. You’ve named your cat Aria, your dog Spencer, your fish Hanna and your rabbit (who's a boy) Emily.

  1. You Absentmindedly put cApital As in the middle of your sentences.

  1. You avoid twitter like the plague when a new episode has aired and you haven’t watched it yet.

  1. When you see strangers wearing a black hoody you instantly RUN.

  1. You’ve got the theme song on your ipod and have made up a dance for when the credits roll.

  1. You re-watch the vintage eps on Netflix.

  1. You’ve considered the possibility that you could be A.

  1. You daydream about a “Wine Moms” spin-off.

  1. Your life is actually on pause between season 6A and season 6B.

  1. You’ve started mixing prints and shopping in retro stores just to dress a little bit more like Aria. #StyleGoals

  1. One time Spencer Hastings wore a cat jumpsuit, so you went out and bought a cat jumpsuit.

  1. You now watch Law and Order with your parents because you’re convinced Olivia Benson is actually Mrs Hastings.

  1. You tweet Marlene King about four times every day.

  1. You will NEVER for as long as you live go in a basement, a giant fridge, or a storage unit facility.

  1. You’ve legit taken a picture of Lucy Hale to your brow artist.

  1. And you’ve considered going blonde since Shay Mitchell did this:

  1. Not reading season 7 spoilers online is the biggest test of character you’ve ever faced.

  1. You’re rushing the hell out to buy the new issue of Cosmo, because THIS: