24 winter problems everyone is feeling


By Cosmo Sponsor

  1. The long, cold and downright excruciating walk from your bed to the shower each morning.

  1. Realising you forgot to bring your towel into the bathroom because you were so concerned about aforementioned long, cold and excruciating walk to the shower.
  1. Wearing tights (and hitching them up 4,000 times a day).
  1. Your dried-out scalp and flakes. Do yourself a favour and use a good anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner to avoid awkward flakes on your new black winter coat.
  1. Constantly chapped lips. Your desk currently has at least 5 lip balms sitting on it, doesn’t it?
  1. Being freezing when you leave the house but warm when you get to work after walking in 50+ layers.
  1. And the layers got you looking like:
  1. When your office has helpfully cranked the heating up.
  1. Never wanting to leave the house – friends and socialising are replaced with Netflix and ALL of the food.
  1. No, we mean ALL the food. The comfort eating struggle is real.
  1. That feeling of disgust you get any time you look at your feet. Pedicures are now a distant memory because your feet are never out of boots.
  1. The rain/wind/general icy temperatures getting in the way of your #FitnessGoals. Because no, you definitely can’t run in freezing temperatures - it’s a legitimate excuse, okay…
  1. Friends overseas saying “but you live in Australia, it’s not really cold!” – try walking through Melbs at 6.30am in July and tell me that again.
  1. Fifty shades of makeup. I.e. all your foundation is suddenly three shades too dark for your newly pale face.
  1. Leaving the house sans umbrella when it’s decent-ish outside. Then two minutes later:
  1. That’s right. Don’t even bother trying to do your hair. At the end of the day you’re either ending up ‘drowned rat’ or ‘caught in a hurricane’.
  1. On that note, two words: Hat hair.
  1. Cracked, dry hands. Like, when did you turn 65-years-old?!
  1. The genuine happiness you feel when your friend cancels on you because it means you get to go home to your warm and happy place.
  1. The constant battle between wanting to look nice and wanting to keep warm. Roll necks and puffer vests are sexy, right?
  1. Spending an obscene amount on a winter coat.
  1. Short, dark days. Welp.
  1. Where did all your beautiful, mani-ready nails go? Oh, that’s right. They all broke off because they’re dry, flaky and brittle now. Sigh.
  1. Having this one friend: