7 ways to be the most popular girl on Instagram

Cosmo's Nicole Lucas is ALWAYS getting asked how to get more followers on Instagram. She does have thousands of them, after all. So now she's sharing her wisdom.

By Cosmo Team

People love cute pictures that will make them LOL in the morning. Particularly of animals. Post on a Monday to fight to kill the start-of-week blues - people will thank you.

Share the love, like other people's photos even if you don’t necessarily “like” them, it will give you brownie points in the social media world.

Wooah there. Do you really need to put up ANOTHER selfie? Five minutes after the last? Don’t be so narcissistic. It’s ok to put selfies up. It’s not OK to clog up everyone else’s feeds with them. All. Day. Long.

Make your instagram as pretty as possible. People like pretty. Clear, bright and inspiring photos will get you the double tap. #Nofilter might make you look like an awesome snapper, just make sure your pic is worth it, yeah?

Tag brands in your photo. Getting a regram from your favourite stores = more followers. Just remember to mix up your high end designers with the chainstores. Tagging #Gucci #Chanel in erryday? No one likes a bragger. No one.

HASHTAG the shit out of it! It might seem a bit lame, but it WILL get you likes and follows. Don’t want to look too desperate? Limit it to 10 only and do it after the picture has been up for a few hours. Then remove them all the next day. Nothing to see here.

Fake it til’ you make it. Even if you don’t have something amazing to instagram every day, be creative and find something or at least put up a nice pic of a babe on a beach. Daily posts will keep you on the radar.

Now, watch the followers roll in.

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