Aldi are launching goddamn cheese and wine advent calendars

Just take our money now!

By Katie Stow

Known for their award-winning rosé and for saving our povvo arses every month with cheap grub, supermarket gods Aldi are now launching a cheese and a wine advent calendar for grown-ups who want to get into the festive spirit.

The $70 wine calendar includes 24 mini bottles of red, white, sparkling and rosé wines — allowing you to conduct the booziest countdown to Christmas.

Their Aldi cheese advent calendar features 24 delicious imported mini cheeses, including Edam, Cheddar and ya home boy's favourite, Gouda.

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The cheese calendar will only set you back a measly $12.99, so we reckon this is an essential investment this chrimbo season.

Aldi bosses haven't confirmed yet whether these glorious boxes of daily treats will be making their way to Australia. But as they are being rolled out in both the UK and the US from November, we can only hope that they ship a few our way too.

Honestly tempted to start a petition just to be sure. Where's a GoFeedMe start up when you need one?

Now watch this terrifying video which will make you confused, scared and hungry for pizza: