Alert! Stop stalking on Facebook right now (unless you want everyone to know about it)

A new Facebook feature may make you want to think twice about what you’re searching for…

Stop stalking on Facebook right now

So apparently Facebook stalking is bad for your emotional health (read more about this here) and obviously Zuckerberg and his peeps at Facebook HQ are really concerned about all of us because they've just made FB creeping a whole lot harder.

Yep, the rumours are true; Facebook will start showing lists of users' searches as part of their "Activity Log" (you know that little strip that runs down the right-hand side of your profile). Cue freak out! Slight spanner in the works for those who want to search exes or their latest crushes (or even the girl their latest crush may or may not have kissed twice this time last year). Why Facebook, whhyyyy?

So Facebook isn't intentionally trying to ruin our lives, it's just trying to make more money (selfish Zuckerberg!) and compete with the big search engines like Google. FB says that it gets around one billion search requests a day, so obviously the demand is there, but seriously do they really need to detail it all?

Now before you delete your profile and burn your laptop, you should know that at the moment Facebook plan to keep Activity Logs private. They've come out and said: "Starting today, in addition to your other activity, you'll be able to see the searches you're making on Facebook. Just as you can choose to delete any of your posts, you can use the same inline control on Activity Log to remove any of your searches at any time. It's important to remember that no one else can see your Activity Log, including your search activity."

So for the moment no one else will be able to see your searches (but how long will this last!?) and you can delete search lists (for now!), but it seems to be heading in the direction of Google, who return different searches based on past actions of the person searching and the online actions of people in that person's Google circles. Ahhhh is anyone else's brain breaking right now?

This, coupled with the rumour (which was denied) that Facebook accidentally published people's old private messages on their very public profiles (hilarious if it didn't happen to you, sad if it did), is just a reminder that everything you put on FB is there for good and is pretty much owned by the company. Scary thought, hey?

The new feature is scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks.