Was Alexander Skarsgård's massive d*ck on last night's 'Big Little Lies' real? Asking for a friend

We just... need to know.

Alexander Skarsgard in Big Little Lies.

Take it from us: there are a lot of great things about HBO's Big Little Lies. Murder! Mystery! Sex! Intrigue! Reese Witherspoon!

But, during last night's episode, we noticed something else we can add to that list: Alexander Skarsgård and his belief-defying prosthetic penis.

The episode featured a tiny 'wait-did-I-just-see-OH-MY-GOD-I-did-just-see' moment when Alexander's character, Perry, and Nicole Kidman's character, Celeste, have a controversial scene, where Perry attempts to have sex with Celeste and she says no. After ignoring her saying 'no', Perry then grabs her painfully by the hair, before Celeste hits him in the crotch with a tennis racket.

The two later share a horrifying moment where Perry tells her, “You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.”

But, although the scene was equal parts terrifying and well-acted, fans weren't exactly focusing on that... aspect... of things. Instead, fans managed to zero in on Alexander's, er, assets during the scene — and they really need to know whether Alexander was using a prosthetic, or if he was... au naturel, if you will.


We mean, they REALLY need to know:

And us? Well, we mean... if we found out the truth, we probably wouldn't be, like, mad about it, you know?