The internet doesn't know how to feel about Apple's Animoji announcement

“The first person who sends me an Animoji is getting blocked.”

By Jessica Chandra
Animoji Announcement

We all know that everything is better with emojis. Can’t be arsed to write something in a text? Send an emoji. Can’t think of words to express how you’re feeling? Send an emoji. Unsure how to start a conversation on Tinder 'cos you know “hey how are u” won’t cut it? Send an emoji.

As emojis are such an important part of our texting lives, we’re always excited about new ones. There are now so many random ones that we’ll use them for the sake of it. (Believe it or not, you don’t always have to send contextual emojis. Go on, send the puffer fish to tell someone you love them.)

But the reveal of Animojis at Apple’s latest product and software unveiling has us a little… unsure.

Y’see, Animojis are supposed to take our love of emojis to the next level. The technology in the brand new iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone Ten”) is so good that it has the ability to scan users’ facial muscle movements, and then turn them into 3D emojis.

This means you can finally be the talking poo emoji you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s a demonstration by Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, from Apple’s Keynote address:

And here are two more examples with the cat and fox emojis:

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It’s not just about the visuals, either: Apple says users will be able to record their facial expressions and voices in Animoji, and then send them to mates via iMessage.

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It seems fun… but also like a lot of effort. Also, the novelty of turning yourself into a 3D emoji for LOLs could wear off real quick.

At least Twitter peeps had some funny reactions to the Animojis announcement:

To use Animojis, you’ll need to buy the iPhone X, which will start at $1,579 for the 64GB model. No one said turning yourself into a 3D emoji would be cheap.