This Ariana Grande doppelgänger will actually hurt your brain

There's doppelgänger's... then there's twins.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Ariana Grande doppelgänger

Ariana Grande is a busy girl.

So if she ever needs a fill-in Ari, we've found the gal for the job. Literally, we cannot spot a single difference between Ariana Grande and 20-year-old Jacky Vasquez.

Nope, that isn't Arirna... it's Jacky. Welp!

In 2010 Jacky gave an interview to Sweety High revealing that it was her friends who first pointed out the similarities. Since then, she's worked hard to keep up with her celeb twin.

Note: high-pony and cat-eye makeup. Ariana's signature look.

"I remember I got mistaken in Washington D.C. because she was at the Verizon Center that day and I dressed up like her since she was in town," Vasquez said in the interview.

"People asked me to take pictures with them that day, it was so fun!" she continued.

So fun that it's gained her 200k followers on Instagram. NGL if there is anyone we'd love to look like, it'd probably/most-likely be Ms. Grande <3.