PSA: Aussie-inspired emojis could be coming your way very soon

We're talking espresso martini, meat pie and budgie-smuggler GOLD.

By Natasha Harding

If, like us, you’ve practically ditched the English language in favour of Emojis, you understand better than anyone just how life-changing the tiny animated characters are.

Having said that, you’re also more than aware of the shortcomings in the Emoji keyboard with crucial parts of our Aussie lives simply omitted from the inventory (such as meat pies, thongs and budgie smugglers) forcing you to revert back to using words - GASP.

Fear not, your prayers have finally been answered.

Aussie legend Dave Hughes and Virgin Mobile have teamed up to make a new ‘eMEji’ range, chocka block full of downunder references, which they intend to send off to the Emoji gods over at Unicode. The aim is to get these beauties into the next Emoji release in 2017 and holy effing shit we’re BEYOND excited.

So go on, have a flick through the top 20 proposals and let us know which are your faves.

Click here to see the entire range.