One of The Bachelor contestants reportedly wasn't feeling Richie, hooked up with a crew member

whispers Good on her…

By Lorna Gray

Let it be known that we absolutely adore The Bachelor… But, there are a few things that annoy us.

Our main bugbear being the fact 22 women are automatically expected to fall in love with Richie.

Like, how many hot-on-paper guys have you fallen for on Tinder, only to discover there’s zilch chemistry and they’re a total “nah” when you meet IRL? There is no WAY all those girls are in lurve with Richie.

Side note: This is why the unsung hero of this season has to be Vintaea – remember, the chick with the sailor mouth who walked off the first episode because she realised it wasn’t for her?

Anyways, The MailOnline and OK! magazine are all in a tizzy because one of the contestants allegedly doesn’t have heart eyes for Richie shock horror.

She's essentially being bagged out for hooking up with a crew member, the Mail calling the crew member in question a “ginger-haired Lothario.” Lol.

According to OK! magazine, Richie is refusing to reveal the identity of the contestant, but a family member connected to the crew says: “It's not hard to guess who it is!”

Yeah, we have no scooby, TBH, so do enlighten us?

We're on this chick's side, whoever it is. Maybe Richie wasn't floating her boat and this ~mysterious~ hot ginger is?

We realise this totally isn't in the spirit of The Bachelor. We do love you, Bachie, we promise...

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