One of The Bachelor contestants managed to kill their fake baby but the slow clap is on you, Channel 10

(Our money’s totally on Megan, if you’re wondering.)

By Lorna Gray

So guys, how did YOU feel watching The Bachelor contestants prove their worth as women by looking after (pretend) tiny humans?

Ok, it was pretty funny, and we might have stifled a mini squeal when we saw Richie’s bicep carry out the fake baby. (FUCK YOU, OVARIES.)

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But yeah, tad sexist perhaps, to judge a woman based on how she handles a robot newborn?

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(To add insult to injury, Richie took Alex shopping for her single date earlier on in the episode because, according to Richie, “women love clothes” – ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!)

TBF, it was probably one of the more interesting group activities we’ve experienced this season (it wouldn’t be hard). And it was amusing watching the little baby simulator tykes unleash absolute hell on the group.

But yeah, overall we’d say bad call. What’s next? Cook for him? Clean his dirty undies?

Which is why we’ve got sick satisfaction that one of the contestants gave approximately zero fucks about the task. So little fucks that she managed to kill the damn thing.

Osher, the best thing about The Bachelor, made the REVELATION on Twitter.

Well done, mystery girl cough, Megan. Take down the patriarchy.

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Nikki was rewarded for being the most motherly (UGH) with a single date. We will say for the record, Nikki and Richie would have beautiful, beautiful children. She has totally got this.

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