Bachelorette Georgia Love opens up about Lee Elliott

G.Love gets deep

By Mel Evans
Georgie Love Cosmopolitan podcast

It’s been three months since we saw Georgia Love confess her love for Lee Elliott on the latest season of The Bachelorette and since then we’ve all been utterly obSESSED with Australia’s latest reality show coupling.

What is their relationship like?
Are they still going strong?
What do they eat for dinner?

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So, because we’re snoops, we got Georgia Love into our studio as the latest guest on Cosmo’s podcast The Buzz.

Aren’t we lucky?

And aren’t you lucky you get to listen?!

We waxed lyrical on all things L-O-V-E. Not just because it’s her last name (convenient, non?) but because after finding love on a reality TV show she’s got a pretty fresh perspective on the whole schtick.

‘I didn’t know what to expect – you kind of have an idea of what it will be like!’ she says. ‘The one hope I had was I would walk in that first night id go, "Yes you are the love of my life"…it didn’t exactly work out that way, but I got there in the end.’

Obvs she ended up with Lee. And on the show they were all about those extravagant and romantic dates us plebs can only DREAM about, so what’s life ‘on the outside’ like?

‘Technically we’re three months in, but we’re so far down the track,’ she says. ‘Everything was so fast forward on the show. Now it’s like, ‘So what’s your address? Can I come over after work and what do you like to cook?’ We haven’t fast forwarded everything so much we’re in that spot where we know everything. It’s still exciting to spend the night on his couch and talk about things.’

What does she think about dating in general? Well, really, whether we’re on a dating app or not, we’re getting a bit judgy in that area, according to G.Love.

‘Give people a chance!’ she says. ‘Even with Matty, we obviously didn’t end up together, and we didn’t have a great connection at the start but we ended up forming this great relationship. Which wouldn’t have happened if I had that first interaction in a bar.’

But before we give TOO much away, just listen, why don’t you!

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You after you listen:

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