How to go vegan according to DJ Tigerlily

'You can't start veganism without wanting it'.

By Joshua Joynes
DJ Tigerlily

DJ Tigerlily a.k.a Dara Hayes is one seriously busy woman. Not only is she one of the country's biggest and most popular DJ's, she's a marathon runner, a mental health ambassador for Lifeline, a nominee for Cosmopolitan's very own 2018 Women of the Year awards and a full-time vegan.

Yep you've got that right. Between working on new tracks (which she promises will be out at the end of this month) Dara is out here saving the world, living her best 'conscious' life as the face of PETA's latest campaign and promoting a very natural, very vegan lifestyle

Remember this? Turns out being anti-fur never goes out of fashion. Not sure about these looks though...
Remember this? Turns out being anti-fur never goes out of fashion. Not sure about these looks though...

Making the decision to go vegan is one thing but actually doing it is another thing altogether. Here, Cosmo sits down with Dara for her advice on how to make the switch:

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1. Educate yourself

Check out PETA's website, there's loads of good information, and an even a starter kit. Being educated can be a simple as watching documentaries. I'd jump on Netflix and watch What The Health, Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, and Food, Inc, there's so many. They're an easy way to get some really good information, really quickly. I'd encourage you definitely to to do further research ; but I understand people aren't going to be that committed.

2. Identify your reasons

You can't begin or even make a move to being vegan without really wanting it because it is difficult at times, so definitely identify what will drive you through your vegan journey. There's been times where I'm at an airport and all I can eat is potato chips, and there are my friends eating all of this other great stuff. So, you definitely do have to make sacrifices, so the reason I say do your research is because you really have to want to make change otherwise its way too easy to slip up.

3. Detox your purchases

I would write a list of all the things you're using at this point in time that have animal products in them or aren't vegan. Think of ways or product's that you can substitute and swap out, and if you need help with this, there are so many great resources on the internet, so many great Instagram profiles of people that will be able to help you find substitutes. And, there is 100% a substitute for everything. Don't go throwing things out either, there's no need to be wasteful, use up your clothes or beauty items and just make a conscious decision not to repurchase them.

4. Don't go cold turkey

No pun intended! Starting of vegetarian is a massive first step, you can also just cut out dairy as a start. It's a big commitment to go entirely vegan, and being vegan most of the time is the perfect first step.

Check out these foods you'd never believe are vegan: