This ‘belly button challenge’ is messed up

Like, FFS, who cares and why do we need yet another thing to feel inadequate about?!

Over 130 million people are trying to touch their belly button by reaching around their backs and are then posting it to social media.

The craze started in China and thousands of people have since posted selfies to show whether they can touch their belly button this way, as they're considering it a sign as to whether or not you need to lose weight.

FYI, a few of us tried it and none of us could do it so we’re sort of viewing it as yet another thing for women to feel like ass about.

Plus, we recks it has a lot to do with flexibility and arm length too. That’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway.

Oh, we almost forgot to post the best picture from the whole ‘craze.’

Whoever you are sir, we applaud you.

You can go on ahead and stop being a thing now, belly button challenge.