You can now get Ben & Jerry’s delivered to your door


ben and jerrys delivery

There is only one thing we enjoy more than ice cream, and that is ice cream getting delivered straight to our couch.

And that dream is becoming a big, fat, delicious reality very soon!

The ultimate dairy-bae pairing of Ben & Jerry’s and Foodora is kicking off on Sunday (AKA International Ice Cream Day), where the two will work in tandem to give the good people of Australia the ice cream they deserve, and drop it right to their front door.

If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

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AND, to celebrate their new cookie-dough covered partnership, there will also be 20,000 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream given away FOR FREE.

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Wanna know how to secure yourself a free tub? Of course you do, you’re human (and probably hungry).

These are the spots you can tub yo self across Australia:

Queen’s Victoria Building forecourt (next to the statue): 11am to 1pm
Manly Wharf: 3pm-6pm

Luna Park entry St Kilda: 12pm to 4pm

168 Grey Street, South Brisbane: 1pm-3pm

Jotted that down? Good, 'cos it is ice cream time, baby!

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