Ben & Jerry's are banning people from buying scoops?!

Before you boycott, there is a beautiful reason why.

Ben and Jerrys fight for marriage equality

Ben & Jerry’s are restricting our scoopage! But hold up folks, it is for a bloody great cause.

The brill ice cream creators have banned customers from buying two scoops of the same flavour in Australia until marriage equality is achieved, saying, “no marriage equality, no same flavour scoops”.

The idea is that if two people of the same gender can’t be together in the legal-marriage sense, then neither can the same flavour. Because the concept of banning two scoops from being together is so ridiculous, it just might make people thing that banning two people from being married is equally as stupid.

In addition to stopping the double-scoop, Ben and Jerry’s have also popped little post boxes in all of their 26 Aussie stores which enables ice-cream lovers to send local MPs their thoughts and feelings about marriage equality. All they have to do is write it down on one of the postcards available in-store and put it in the post box, and Ben and Jerry’s will hand deliver the post to the politician. 🙌

The initiative falls at a perfect time as politicians are gearing up to return to Canberra next month to sit about issues such as marriage equality – so the Ben and Jerry’s notes might just have a positive impact on their decision-making. Fingers crossed!

In other little-known cute ice-cream related news, Ben and Jerry’s launched a flavour called I Dough, I Dough to start the marriage equality conversation in the States before the presidential election. ADORBS. This flavour is going to brought to Australian stores this month, so same love supporters can enjoy the delicious taste of positive action when they send their postcard to their MP.

Stappph it you scoop sweethearts – you’re making me emotional!

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