This is the best place to sit on a plane if you’re a bad flyer

Y’know, if business and first class aren’t an option.

By Natasha Harding

Everyone’s got their ‘preferred’ place to sit on a plane. Whether you’re a window, aisle, or sandwich kinda person each seat comes with certain benefits. The window has a great view, plus you don’t get bumped by people passing by. The aisle has #easyaccess to the bathrooms and the middle has, um, padding. While we all might think we know the best place to sit, a video series by JetBlue concludes that there are actually optimum seats to snag, especially for nervous flyers.

If you’re looking for a smooooooth ride (ain’t nobody got time for that turbulence shiz), then go for the middle of the plane. The video explains that the middle of the cabin experiences much less movement than the ends because it’s closer to the centre of gravity. Much like being on a seesaw, the middle moves the least and the ends move the most. JetBlue also make a point of reminding us that “turbulence is hardly ever dangerous" but that’s not gonna help us when we’re crusing at 39,000 ft and the plane starts wigging the eff out.

To boost your chance of nabbing some zzzzzzz’s, you also want to ensure you’re sitting it the quietest part of the plane. JetBlue says that means being in front of the wings. Plane engines are located on the wings, and the noise comes out the back of the engine. So, being in front of the wings is like being behind a speaker, with all the noise projected in the opposite direction.

In summary, don’t sit at the back of the plane. If possible, try to go in the middle of the plane to reduce turbulence and noise. Unless you’re offered an upgrade to business or first. Then you should always go business or first.

'Cause then you can say this...

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