Beyoncé and Eminem's New Song "Walk On Water" Is Here

Making my mistakes, oh if you only knew.

By Alyssa Bailey

On the same day as Taylor Swift's Reputation album drop, Beyoncé popped by to bless her fans with a new track from her and Eminem, "Walk on Water." In it Beyoncé admits her own insecurity being heralded as untouchable Queen Bey.

As a song cowriter, Bey makes it clear in the song's chorus that she and other entertainers aren't gods among men:

And in the bridge, the only other part she sings, she makes it clear that she doesn't know whether she deserves the adulation from her Beyhive and others, and that she's afraid of letting them down:

Her last line in the song, at the very end, reaffirms this:

Taken with Eminem's rapped verses on the same theme, it's a moving single. See the full lyrics here on Genius and listen to it below: