Meet Binder, the break-up Tinder

Splitting up? There's an app for that.

Binder - yep as in Bin-der that rhymes with Tinder - is set to separate the world into two different kinds of people. Those who are cold, unrealistically lazy and posssssibly catfishing someone, and those who probz aren't.

While you could do the second worst thing (excluding fax or using the shoutout section of the mX) and breakup via text, you can simply get this app to do the dirty FOR you.

It lets you name your dumpee-to-be (a cuter ring to it than hubby-to-be, don't you think?), enter their digits and swipe right to well, bin 'em.

Binder will then promptly call them to deliver the stern word. It'll even send a follow-up text. Aww, talk about being caringly thorough!

Some of the reasons you can tack onto your 'personalised' app break-up include "It's like I'm living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare" and "I'd rather be lonely". Regular stuffs.

If this wasn't the devil's work already, you can take it one diabolical step further and share the results of your Binder break-up on social media. shudders

Oh yea, note the incredible "Bin Again" feature that will let you continue your reign of terror.

The upside to all this cyber chaos? It's a big f*cking joke. Binder is based on Tennent Lager's cartoon series. The Scottish roots of the app means yea, you get a cute accent to issue the breakup. Brightside, eh?

Another perk is that it's only available on iOS and Android, so to all the Blackberry users out there (we're guessing that's at least 98% of you gals) are SAFE from the clutches of this e-dumper. Yesssssss.

All jokes aside, we hereby do not advocate splitting up via Binder. But hey, if you'd like to use it as your modern-day equivalent of high school favourite The Rejection Line and prank your friends, go ahead.