Marvel announces first female-led superhero movie

Carol Danvers is officially headed for the big screen!

Marvel has confirmed that Captain Marvel will be the studio's first superhero movie with a FEMALE LEAD.

They announced the news in their Phase Three release in Los Angeles on Tuesday where studio president Kevin Feige revealed that Captain Marvel will hit cinemas on July 5, 2018.

Sure, it’s more than a three year wait, but the fact that he confirmed that character Carol Danvers will be the guise of Captain Marvel is enough to keep our excitement levels up til then.

"Captain Marvel has gone by many names," he told guests. "This character's name is Carol Danvers. This is the time to bring out Captain Marvel."


The news comes after Warner Bros' confirmed a Wonder Woman movie in 2017.

Naturally, Twitter had a bit of a meltdown over the whole thing...

People have already started speculating over who will play the lead with Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning and Natalie Dormer among the favourites so far.