OMFG: The ‘cash me outside’ girl just got signed for her own reality TV show

How bow dah?

By Natasha Harding
cash me outside

‘Cash me outside’ girl, Danielle Bregoli is one controversial gal but there’s one thing everyone can agree on: her life is far from boring.

When she’s not busy telling Dr Phil he was nothing before her (LOL), getting into punch ups on planes or dragging Justin Bieber, she’s

Oh, and did we mention she’s just 14-years-old? Yep. Wow.

ICYMI, ‘Cash me outside’ became a viral meme after Danielle and her mother went on Dr Phil’s show and made a swipe at the audience by challenging the ‘hoes’ to fight her off set, (i.e. Catch me outside, how about that?).

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Now her life is about to take another (unexpected) turn after TMZ confirms she has just been signed for a reality TV show by a big production company.

Its focus? The day-to-day antics of Danielle (obvs) and her mum, Barbara Ann Peskowitz.

While filming is yet to start, the producers are already scouting out the best place for the show to sit and are confident it will be picked up.

Excuse us while we go slam our heads into the wall, will ye?

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