ATTN Cat lovers: This lip gloss makes you feel like you're kissing your kitty's nose

Yes, really.

By Erin Cook

Cat lovers, this one's for you…

FINALLY, someone has created a lip gloss that tastes and feels like kissing your cat's nose.

Hin-Yari Ohana Lip Gloss will add a purr-fect touch to your morning beauty routine, while also providing comfort to kitty owners who are forced to leave their feline friends at home during the day. (Gotta earn that money to bring in the kitty litter, amirite ladiez?)

Japanese retailer Felissimo claim to have created a product that mimics the touch and scent of your kitty. Apparently, the gloss itself smells like kitten milk and the rollerball applicator feels just like your kitty's nose.

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TBH, we're not sure if we're weirded out by the Hin-Yari Ohana Lip Gloss or if we're into it.

Take away the kitty aspects of the lip gloss and it does contain some pretty great ingredients – including shea butter and hyaluronic acid – that are sure to moisturise your pout.

At this stage, Felissimo only ship to Japan but if they do start shipping to Australia, you'll be the first to know.