Your seemingly indifferent cat actually loves you a lot, according to science


So, you know how people say a pet dog wouldn't hesitate to kill you if it was hungry enough?

Well, (most) cats wouldn't dare. And not just because they're too small to really do much damage, but because they LOVE you.

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A new study has proven what all crazy cat ladies (myself included) have known for ages: that although they can sometimes need their own space, not come when you call them, or jump off the bed and walk out of the room every damn time you try to spoon them (not cool, Frankie), cats love you more than they love their food.

We'll just say that again: More than they love their food.

Can you think of anything you love more than your food? Thought not.

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The test took 50 cats, both from people's homes and from a shelter, and removed them from food, toys and people for a few hours. They then reintroduced elements to the cats at different times, such as humans (either their owners or the shelter workers), food, scent, and toys.

The study concluded that most cats preferred human interaction over any of the other categories (hell to the yeah), with 50% of the cats tested choosing their humans and just 37% choosing food.

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There was no noticeable difference between the cats living in shelters and cats who had been living with a family, so it seems loving humans just comes naturally to our lil fur babies.

Now excuse us, we have cats to cuddle.