Cheaper than chips - healthy eating on a budget

**Eating well and sticking to a budget don’t always go hand-in-hand. It’s no surprise that fresh fruit and veg are costlier than chocolate and chips, but that’s no reason to forgo healthy eating. We have some ideas to keep your wallet – and your waist – happy. Shopping**
When you’re doing a big grocery shop for the week it’s vital to eat a hearty meal before you set foot in the supermarket. By doing the groceries on an empty stomach you increase the risk of making impulse food purchases to satisfy your sugar and hunger cravings at the time. Another way to avoid putting unneeded items in your trolley is to write a list before you leave the house and stick to it. You’ll be surprised on how much money you save by not buying those five impulse packets of biscuits. Fruit and veg
Guess what? Frozen fruit and vegetables are sometimes better for you than “fresh” produce. Often, the fresh stuff is actually months old, whereas frozen fruit and vegetables are snap-frozen right after they’re picked. Plus, they’re way cheaper. To market, to market
If you’re blessed with a big fridge and pantry, buying in bulk from a local farmer’s market makes sense. You’ll get top quality produce at ridiculously low prices, and you’ll have enough to feed yourself for ages. Don’t have room? Take a friend (or two) and split your purchases.


Invest in an eco-friendly water bottle to save money and our planet. By carrying a non-disposable bottle you’ll be less likely to waste money on bottled water or sweetened drinks when out. Not only is it a cheaper option, but the health benefits are large too. Plastic water bottles run the risk of leeching harmful toxins into your water. Head to for a great range of eco stainless steel water bottles. Grazing
Morning and afternoon tea are important snacks for maintaining your metabolism and blood sugar levels but can become quite expensive. To stay healthy on a budget, pack carrot and celery sticks in your bag for mid morning meals. Not only are fresh vegetables a super healthy option but a bag of carrots won’t break the bank. If the veggies alone are bit boring, pair them with a beetroot or hommus dip for extra bite.