There’s a friggin’ CHICKEN NUGGET FESTIVAL coming to Melbourne!

Is this the best news ever? Don’t bother answering, we already know the answer is yes.

By Katie Stow
chicken nugget festival australia

Ahh the humble chicken nugget. Our salty friend in hungry times, and our crunchy saviour in hungover times. Nugs really are the pinnicle of over-processed-and-not-sure-of-the-meat-origin snacks and, frankly, we couldn’t imagine our fast food ventures without them.

That’s why, when we found out that Melbourne is throwing a chicken nugget festival, we freaked the fuck out.

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Yes, next month, the team behind local food truck park Welcome To Thornbury are rallying up their nuggetty friends to throw this nug fest. They’ll be a shittonne of OG nuggets, as well as limited edition spicy nugs, nugget burgers and a heap of dipping sauces so you can dunk to your heart’s content.

AND there’s even going to be a dessert nugget. What that entails, we’re not 100 per cent sure, but we’re EXCITED.

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Here are all the nug-related deets you need to know so you can prepare yourself for this fried up fest:

Where: Welcome To Thornbury, 520 High St Northcote, Melbourne
When: 11am, Saturday, November 11
How much: NADA! Entry is free y’all!
More information: Hit up this link

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