Christmas party confessions

Cosmo’s pick of cringe-worthy moments from party seasons past. You'll want to read these...

Christmas party confessions

After work’s Christmas lunch, our boss offered to drive us all to another party in his minivan. It took about an hour, and en route I began to feel really ill. I covered my mouth with my hand, but the white wine I’d been drinking earlier came back up in full force! Amazingly, everyone else was too wrecked and too busy singing to notice. As soon as we arrived at the party I dashed to the toilet to wash my dress down – and my colleagues were none the wiser. When we got back in the van I made sure I sat in a different seat!” Brooke, 22

Our boss had Christmas drinks at her house. I was standing on her balcony, which overlooked the pool, and chatting to her husband, who asked if I thought we’d be able to jump from the balcony down to the pool. When he climbed over the balcony rail – already in his swimmers – I decided to prove I could do it, too. But I didn’t want to get my dress wet – so, in my drunken logic, I stripped off my clothes before diving in. Fortunately most people were too drunk to remember much, and by the time it came out around the office a couple of years later I was able to deal with the humour of it all.” Sarah, 33

My boss sidled over to admire my floral shorts at our office Christmas party. “How many drinks does it take to get in them?” he asked. “Oh, I don’t know,” I replied, laughing. “Maybe a couple of vodka sodas!” Five minutes later I turned around and he was standing there with two vodkas. The night continued with us flirting outrageously, and there may have been some bump-and-grind dancing… It was a bit of a blur. The next day, I was called into HR and asked questions about whether my boss had acted inappropriately. I actually thought it was hilarious, and reassured them everything was fine. More fool me. When I went back to work after the holidays I found out I’d been made redundant.” Katie, 28

A friend of mine was known for having inappropriate crushes, but she took things to another level at a Christmas karaoke party. She grabbed the mic and serenaded our friend’s boyfriend with a love song! His girlfriend came over and tried to drag him away. Then the couple got into a major fight ’cos she thought there was something going on between them. It was so awkward – the biggest party buzz kill ever.” Cassie, 26

My parents have a sleazy friend who always pounces on me and my sister at their annual Christmas party. When it’s time for him to leave, it’s not unusual for the two of us to hide or suddenly ‘remember’ an errand in order to avoid the disgusting smoochy farewell kiss that lingers far too long near our lips. But last year, I couldn’t escape. As his big fat face loomed over mine and he slobbered over my cheek, my sister just stood at the top of the stairs laughing.” Kristy, 30

I was fairly new at my company when I decided to let my hair down at our office Christmas party. Before I knew it, I was wearing the sexy Christmas slip I’d just been given by my Secret Santa, and making out with a guy from the office next door. A week later my boss playfully brought up my antics in a meeting, leaving me very red-faced. Even worse, the guy I’d pashed ignored me, resulting in a hundred awkward moments in the lift and office kitchen.” Jennifer, 25