It’s official: we’ve been drinking coffee wrong our whole lives

Introducing #CoffeeInACone.

By Natasha Harding

What’s better than a cup of freshly roasted coffee in the morning? An ice cream cone, lined with chocolate and then filled to the brim with freshly roasted coffee. Duh.

Far from an invention we thought up in our hallucinogenic cheese dreams, #CoffeeInACone is actually a thing that exists and the world has one man to thank: Dayne Levinrad.

Originating from South Africa, Levinrad travelled around Brazil, Los Angeles and Australia as he perfected the art of coffee consulting. On his travels he learnt all there is to know about coffee and, upon his return to Johannesburg, opened The Grind Coffee Company which serves his genius creation.

Now, we know what you thinking: ‘serving coffee in a cone sounds (and looks) like a good idea, but wouldn’t it just be totally impractical?’.

In short, yes it would. With a normal cone. To counteract the leakage prob, Levinrad and his team invented their own cone design, which they’ve since patented, which gives you ten glorious minutes to finish your cappuccino before you end up wearing it.

Levinrad explains that the reason his wacky idea even came into being was because he wanted his coffee to appeal to ‘grammers. “We used the cone as a way to become an Instagrammable product. When people come in they take a selfie and tag #coffeeinacone,” he told CNN.

Well done Levinrad, you’ve got us all figured out haven’t you? All we ask now is that you get to work on that Tim Tam tea mug that we mentioned earlier. Kthxbye.