Cole Sprouse just confirmed the best possible news about Riverdale season two

He also discusses Jughead’s sexuality.

By Emily Kerr
riverdale cole sprouse betty jughead

Grown-up Ben from Friends aka Cole Sprouse has dropped some truthbombs about what’s left of season one of Riverdale, and what that means for season two.

During an interview with AV Club Cole addressed the fact that despite being nine episodes deep, fans still have NFI who killed Jason Blossom.

But fear not, it sounds like we’ll be getting some answers soon enough.

“It needs to be said that we do resolve who killed Jason in season one. This is not like we’re going to string it out for you guys over six seasons,” he said, speaking straight to our hearts. “Obviously the discovery of who killed Jason only throws more stones into the pond.”

Your mystery-solving bae also addressed the topic of his character Jughead’s much-discussed sexuality.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Will Betty and Judghead not live happily ever after? Are relationship dramas a-coming?

In the original Archie comics on which Riverdale is based, Jughead and Betty weren’t even a thing. In fact, Jughead is depicted as asexual in some issues – a portrayal Cole is gunning for for the show.

“The community exists and I believe that kind of asexual aromantic representation is desperately needed in film and television and especially in mainstream media and I hope to be the person to bring that to life and to realism.”