Comedian gives homeless cats a list of likes and dislikes to boost adoption and now we need them all

Likes: Sleeping in a sunbeam. Dislikes: 15th-century feudal Japan.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Comedian gives homeless cats list of likes and dislikes

Cat-people will understand that cats aren’t like other pets. The clever, calculating species seem to have lived another life before becoming a house-cat, and that just adds to their charm.

Jeff Wysaski, the comedian behind Obvious Plant used this idea as a creative campaign to get more cats adopted from a local animal shelter.

We mean, you want to know what you’re taking home, don’t you?!

Take Leche for example. This kitty is social as heck, he’ll get on with all your friends… and he even shares the same concern of “the growing wage gap between rich and poor that is slowly resulting in the decline of the middle class.”

He’s great for an intellectual convo on your Friday nights in.

What about Delores. She’s quaint, and spends her days “staring out the window,” but she’s really annoyed about “the warlock’s curse that transformed her into a cat.”

(Imagine all the re-runs of Sabrina the Teenage Witch you could watch together.)

Guinevere is much like us, a big fan of ankle rubs but will never understand why the fuck you wouldn’t just turn the Nintendo 64 off before hitting the Rainbow Road on Mario Kart.

“You sadistic jerk” – Guinevere.

We feel that testament on a spiritual level.

Grace is the cat for you if you’re so totally done with “the whitewashing of Hollywood movies,” and she’ll fight you to the death with her argument.

We need more cats like Grace, tbh.

Honestly, we’re calling every pet breeder/animal shelter to start doing this.

It's genius.