There is a guy spray-painting condoms on to graffiti penises

Not all heroes wear capes.

Dick Graffiti Condom

City walls, floors, trains and buses have been adorned with penises for as long as mankind has had the ability to hold a spray paint can. We spot them on our morning commute, we laughed at them when we were at school (and maybe still now), they are scribbles of the urban landscape, a reflection of street artistes panic when they have limited time to spray. (Pun intended.)

As we are so numb to the presence of penises across our cities, we have forgotten one major thing: None of these cocks have condoms on.

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This was a rather upsetting discovery for one Londoner (who wishes to remain anonymous, so we will refer to him by the hero alias we would like to give to him—Super Schlong).

Super Schlong is a 28-year art director who wanted to put a positive and educational spin on penis graffiti. He told BuzzFeed, "I walk around the city a lot and catch the tube every morning, and I started to notice a lot of vandalism with penises.”

"It infuriated me because a lot of them were at school bus stops where kids gather, and it just shouldn't be the norm to just have your wang out, especially unprotected — I just thought it sent the wrong message".

So this curbside vigilante made it his mission to wrap up those willies!

"One night I did some research on STI rates and then the idea just came to me to make stencils of a condom and a link where people can get free condoms — then I just went out and did it".

And the results are, frankly, beautiful.

Next to his freshly sprayed condoms he paints the slogan “Stay Protected” and a link to which is where people in the UK can get free condoms and STI checks.

Super Schlong’s creative crusades may hopefully help slow the growing rate of STI cases – which in the UK are at an all-time high.

"Instead of just having senseless vandalism, we can inform people about an important issue [STIs] and give them a laugh at the same time," Super Schlong said. "If there's going to be cocks scattered everywhere that nobody wants to see, we might as well have people learn something from the cocks".

We couldn’t agree more. GO SUPER SCHLONG!

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If there are any Aussies looking to “play safe” in the bedroom but are fresh out of cash for rubbers, check out the new government program called the Condom Credit Card Project which allows you to flash your card at any registered provider and they will hand over the johnnies!