Cool summer

Do you have everything you need for the perfect beach day? Find out the top 10 essentials...

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, you’re lazing on the beach and your BFFs are by your side: best day ever, right? We think there’s room for improvement. To truly make it the greatest day of all time, here are the top 10 things you need: 1. Sunblock
The day is going to take a rapid downturn if you start looking like you’ve been dropped in a vat of boiling water (and feel like it to). Save the drama (and your skin) by wearing sunblock. Don’t be sloppy with the way you slap it on unless you want an uneven tan and awkward burn marks. Don’t forget to re-apply too!

2. Coconut water
Fresh coconut water isn’t just delicious, it’s also filled with potassium and electrolytes making it excellent for hydration. Drink and refresh. In case you’re baking on a tropical island, you might like to know that coconut water can be used in emergencies as a replacement for blood plasma. Fascinating, right? If you can’t get a fresh coconut, try Chi coconut water, it’s the lowest in sugar and the closest you'll get to the real thing.

3. Good tunes
Set the “summertime fun” mood with a hot playlist with all your old school favourites. We love Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69 and anything by Calvin Harris for a fun energy kick.

4. Wide-brimmed hat
Providing good shade for you and your mags (so you don’t have white glare), a wide-brimmed hat looks hot and will keep you cool in the summer sun.

5. “I’m hot” bikini
Feeling sexy in your bikini will go a long way to making you feel on top of the world. Look for a cut that flatters your figure and remember attitude is everything, so flaunt it. 6. Switch off from work and relax
It’s hard to enjoy to moment when you’re head is in the office. Let go and breath. Turn off your email and switch your phone to silent.

7. No plans
Don’t make any commitments for the day. If you want to lay out in the sun, you can without checking the time, if you want to grab sushi with your friends after, you can. Play it by ear because spontaneity can feel really, really good.

8. Cosmo
Grab the latest issue of Cosmo because what better time is there for good tips, great stories and some fun fashion updates? Even we read Cosmo at the beach.

9. Blush tint
Give yourself a sexy blush with a hint of cheek tint, it won’t clog your skins and will make you feel ready to get your flirt on. We love Benefit’s Benetint.

10. Sunglasses
Squinting isn’t just bad for wrinkles, it can hurt from straining your facial muscles too. Give your eyes some R and R with some smart sunnies. Get a pair that suit your face shape to help you look hot and mysterious. Plus it will make reading that Cosmo issue a million times easier!

Remember nothing will get you smiling like bring surrounded by friends, so have an open invite, bring a crowd, and share the vitamin D around.