This crazy water slide goes straight into the sea and it's amazing

Is this the coolest thing ever to exist? Probably.

By Dusty Baxter-Wright
coolest water slide in the world

As if the Maldives hadn't already been at the top of our dream bucket list, a new resort has opened with what is almost definitely the coolest water slide ever to exist.

So if the clear blue sea, white sand beaches, and ridiculously beautiful scenery wasn't enough to get you breaking all your piggy banks open and wondering when the next flight is, Soneva Jani will be.

It's a new resort that has opened in the Indian Ocean, and not only do the villas feature incredible amenities like retractable roofs, floating accommodation, and a salt water pool, but they also have an actual slide into the ocean too.

A SLIDE. A SLIDE INTO THE OCEAN. This is too much.

There's also an outdoor cinema:

In-water seating areas:

A hammock in the sea:

A boardwalk in the water:

A diving pad:

BRB, dying of jealousy.

Via: Cosmopolitan US