These corgi and pug inspired cakes are too damn pure for this world

Dessert and dogs—it doesn't get much better than this.

By Nikki Chowdury

In what can only be described as a dessert dream come true, today we've been blessed with the knowledge that corgi and pug cakes exist—and, obviously, they’re cute af.

LA based foodies Adrianna Adarme and Alana Jones-Mann recently combined forces to deliver a masterpiece that is frankly too pure for this world: Two cute-as-they-are-delicious cakes in the shape of their dogs—a corgi named Amelia and two baby pugs named Riley and Dylan.

Adriana, who runs the blog A Cozy Kitchen, has step-by-step instructions up on her website, so grab the buttercream, your fur baby of choice and get ready to design your own pet-inspired creation.

Also, the pug staring longingly at the cake is ~literally~ our spirit animal. We feel ya, pooch.