15 insanely cute animal Instagrams to follow that will make your life 100x better

Follow forever.

By Mahalia Chang
Matthew the Hedgehog.

When you hit the middle of the week, and the weather is dreary and your boss is driving you nuts, there’s one thing that we can always count on to cheer us up: really, really, really cute animals.

And, luckily for us, since the invention of Instagram, cute animals are now easier to find and fawn over than ever! With a click of a button, a sweet sausage dog, or a cheeky fox, or even two little piglets are there to brighten your day.

To help you in your quest to look at as many cute animals as possible, we’ve compiled a must-follow list of the tiniest, prettiest, fluffiest and most adorable animals on the 'gram.

Lionel and Lilo the Hedgehogs

Lionel and Lilo are two tiny hedgehogs from South Carolina, whose favourite past times are sitting in cups, exploring the wild and taking naps. Same (although, we don't look half as cute doing it).

Io and Kíli the bunny rabbits

Considering bunny rabbits are basically the animal equivalents of warm fluffy blankets (or did we just make that up?), looking at these two lovebugs evokes the same kinda feelings.

Bruce and Max (and friends!) the Newfoundlands

Although not strictly an animal Instagram as it does feature plenty of humans, @northwestmommy chronicles the farm-life of one family, her two gorgeous Newfoundland dogs, Bruce and Max, and their ponies.

Harlow, Indiana and Reese the dogs

Hawlow and Sage started out as, well... just Harlow and Sage, but has since expanded to include Indiana and Reese, after Sage passed away. These three pups spend all day cuddling in bed and making really cute faces.

Pumpkin the raccoon

Although we wouldn't normally think of raccoons as being pets, seeing Pumpkin's cute AF Insta is making us reconsider. According to her bio, Pumpkin was rescued and then raised as a dog alongside her siblings, Toffee and Oreo.

Norbert the dog

Not acquainted with Norbert the high-fiving, tie-wearing therapy dog? Consider this your official introduction.

Juniper the fox

Nicknamed 'the happiest fox', Juniper is a rescue North American Red Fox that lives with her volunteer rescue mama, Moose the dog, Peach and Petunia the sugar gliders and Olive the cat. Just look at that smile!

Coby the cat

Ever wonder what a technically perfect cat would look like? Pretty much this. Coby the cat is a British Shorthair with amazing big blue eyes! His hobbies include wearing cute oufits, eating all day and having perfect eyeliner.

Matthew the hedgehog

A tiny Japenese hedgehog that spends all day posing for cute portraits? Count us in!

Winston, Finley and Theodore the dachshunds

Three times the dachshunds, three times the cuteness!

Maya the bulldog

Maya, AKA Maya on the move, is a sweet (and very patient) girl who loves to play dress-ups.

Poonchic the cat

This little dude likes to dress up like a human!

Mr. Bagel the chinchilla

Tiny Mr Bagel likes to rock out on the couch, play with miniature versions of regular things and look damn cute. Mission accomplished, little guy.

Priscilla and Poppleton the pigs

Priscilla and Poppleton, AKA Prissy and Pop, are two cute little pigs, who live on a farm in Florida. They like long walks on the beach, dressing up and playing with their 'farm siblings'!

Tonkey the dog

Is it a bear? Is it a dog? Who cares, she's cute.