Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley reunited and it was glorious

Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright are still pals IRL. <3

Prepare your muggle heart for insane amounts of joy, because one of your favourite Harry Potter couples just had a magical reunion.

Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley, went to watch her fictional husband on broadway and shared the proof on Instagram, giving the entire world major nostalgia feels.

Bonnie and Philosopher’s Stone director Chris Columbus went to see Daniel Radcliffe’s new play Privacy in NYC.

"Reunion! Congrats Dan on another stellar performance,” she posted with the pic. “Google is terrifying and I'm now scared to use my phone. Can say no more. Go see Privacy!”

Privacy encourages the audience to use their phones during the performance. "The show is about the nature of privacy in a sort of post-Edward Snowden world and what it means to be private,” Dan Rad told Seth Meyers of the show, “but it also sort of brings in social media and things like that."

Side note: Bonnie hasn’t aged a freaking day in six years.

In other Harry Potter news, the trailer for the upcoming spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them, debuted at Comic Con over the weekend and OH GOD, IT’S SO DAMN MAGICAL.

Watch Eddie Redmayne do his thing as Newt Scamander above.