Meet Zazie Beetz: AKA Domino from ‘DEADPOOL 2’

The badass babe is talking combat skills and having a right laugh on set.

By Katie Stow
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Just in case you needed more reasons to watch DEADPOOL 2 — you know, other than to gawk at the god that is Ryan Reynolds — we might have found the coolest chick in cinema for you to obsess over.

Zazie Beetz, known best for her role as Van in Atlanta, has just hit the big time starring in the action-packed blockbuster, DEADPOOL 2. The sequel focusses on Wade Wilson bringing together a team of mutant rogues to protect a young boy with seriously supernatural abilities from the oh-so-brutal baddie, Cable.

Zazie has been cast as Domino, a strong, sassy, fighter with the unique power of luck — and boy did it look like she had a blast playing this role!

We had a little chat with Zazie to talk all things DEADPOOL, from the insane combat skills she had to master all the way to the hilarity that happened on set.

What did you first make of the big bad world of DEADPOOL?

The world of DEADPOOL is quite free. Nothing is taboo, everything is touched, and everything is made fun of. That offers a lot of freedom on set when we're playing around with each other and figuring out the characters, so it's a super fun one to be a part of. I think for me, out of all of the superhero movies, it's the best one! It's aware of itself and it is super meta and smart and a super fun world to be part of. Also, the X-Men world is just the best with what it represented when it came out in terms of giving a voice to people who don't have voices. DEADPOOL isn't so much about that, but I love being part of this universe.

How did you feel about your character, Domino?

I think her power is so interesting. Luck. How do we make that a cinematic power? They took a bunch of choreography and ideas from Buster Keaton films and the slapstick nature of those. Right time, right place. He's walking and slips on the banana peel, but there's this domino effect of all of these other things that happen so that was fun to play with. There's that element of comedy within her power and her role, but she's also serious because her past is very dark, and I think that colors her perception of the world around her as well.


What was the most challenging aspect of all the physical acting and stunts you had to do for DEADPOOL 2?

It's gotten out now that I hate working out! It was awful. My boyfriend is always saying, 'You need to work out or you're going to die later'. I never really built a relationship with it growing up and so it doesn't come naturally to me and it's something I have to force myself to do it. That being said, I was really excited going into this because I was excited to develop a relationship with it and to also learn what my body can and can't do. I wanted to learn what's fun for me and what's not fun for me and I learned that I really like fight training. I think that's because it's full body and it ends up being more of a mental thing because if you're sparing you're reacting, whereas with weightlifting, I just hated it. But it was good for me to realize that I'm not going to be a weightlifting champion, but maybe I could do some jiu-jitsu!

What was it like working with Director David Letch, who is pretty much known as a Master of Action?

That was so wonderful. It was really lovely to be able to trust that the director knew that if you were doing something on set, he could adjust you specifically in terms of the action because he knew how to do that. You could trust that element on set. He makes you look so amazing. We were training really hard for that, but as soon as you add a camera and you add an angle, it completely transforms what it looks like. I was shocked when I'd see playbacks of how amazing I looked, or anyone else looked, fighting. Dave was this wonderful gentle calm spirit to have on set.

What do you reckon audiences will enjoy about watching the film at home?

I think it's a great film to watch with a group of people because it's reacting and laughing together. Laughing alone is great, but laughing with somebody else is better. There's so much great action, so watching it on a big screen is the best experience.

What can we expect from a blooper reel? We can only imagine how much of a giggle it was on set!

It's probably a bunch of fart jokes and a lot of laughing. We had a really great time. Everyone was so happy to be there. Everyone wanted to be there and that's not always the case, so it makes for a great spirit on set.

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